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BSW know-how for woven PP packaging  #12 (58), 2007

Until recently, one of the business activities of Windmoeller&Hoellscher Company was manufacture of single plastic bag making machines. At the end of 2005, having estimated the bag packaging market as quite promising, the company’s management made a decision to establish subsidiary company of W&H – BSW (Bag Solutions Worldwide), which task is to manufacture complete woven PP packaging production lines. Today the young company is conquering the world market at a fast rate. Russian representative of the company Sergey Lysenkov told us about what know-how BSW is ready to offer Russian customers

Sergey Efimovich, in modern conditions of severe competition it is possible to establish a new company only being absolutely confident in its preeminence…
- Our preeminence is based first of all on our extensive knowledge of principles of woven PP packaging production, its transportation logistics to the end user, as well as on understanding of market realia and perspectives. And of course, on engineering achievements of our equipment.
Bags of what types and for what products can be manufactured on BSW equipment?
- Standard PP bags (for example, used for flour and sugar), big bags and AD proTex block bottom valve bags that are quite new for the Russian market. The latter packaging type – is a potentially vast market: packaging of free flowing materials, cement, dry powders.
What consumer properties should modern woven PP packaging possess?
- 5 years ago, when I started working with equipment for manufacturing this packaging, I discovered to my astonishment that there were only two requirements to a bag: its neck should not be narrower than specified size and its price – higher than certain amount of rubles and kopecks. Remarkably that durability played an unimportant role! Whether products would reach destination point with no loss – was only final recipient’s concern.
In the course of time another requirement to a bag occurred: bag weight should not be less than 100 gr. But weight is not durability yet, and that is why bags supplied from Asia had desired heavy weight, but were very fragile and practically fell to pieces. Then a cure-all solution was announced to be the second stitch at the bottom – absolutely unnecessary and even destructive for a bag development.
Today the situation has change for the better, and a bag should meet such requirements that could be fulfilled only with the use of good equipment.
What requirements, for example?
- Bread remains a socially significant product, so price for it cannot increase fast and unrestrictedly. Therefore, even cost of a flour bag has a great influence on profit. In a bag itself 80% of cost are made up of raw materials cost. Using BSW equipment it is possible to manufacture a durable bag with a weight 30% less and strength characteristics exceeding those of bags produced on Asian equipment.
Saving of raw materials is only one component of our competitive advantage. According to our figures, maximum in three years of production cost difference between our and Asian equipment disappears. Our equipment has a higher operating reliability and longer lifetime; it shows a better efficiency coefficient.
Electricity consumption of our equipment is much lower: for example, for production of 1 kg of tape BSW extruder consumes 0,55 kW, average consumption on one winding head does not exceed 0,05 kW.
Besides, I will presume to say that our company offers better delivery discipline, time of putting into operation and reaching a rated capacity, warranty and post-warranty service. In other words, a customer starts getting profits from the money invested in the project much faster.
Why is knowledge of end product logistics so important for BSW?
- It is impossible to obtain success in the market having no else but equipment, no matter how perfect it could be. That is why, developing projects on supply of big bag manufacturing equipment, for example, we invite consultants – managers of real productions working with this specific type of bags. With their help, taking into account characteristics of a standard product, peculiarities of its packaging, material handling operations, transportation and storage, we choose the optimal bag design, which means, equipment design. This helps to solve engineering tasks as well: we project how the whole production will be organized, up to personnel arrangement.

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