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Recycling projects of any complexity  #1-2 (59-60) 2008

PlastpolymerSince 90-s Plastpolymer has been participating in design and manufacturing of the objects connected with various industrial and domestic waste recycling and it also participates in product elaboration

Plastpolymer performed several tenders upon the contracts with Oktyabrskaya rail-way and Russian research institute of rail-way transport. This work concerned such themes as Scientific research elaboration and introduction of inner-train waste collection and treatment (with experiment realization) and Scheme and technology elaboration upon collecting, handling, grading and processing passenger compartment and station complex utilized waste components. This work resulted in the following projects:
Contractor design machine for thermal garbage sterilization at St. Petersburg-Moscow segment of Oktyabrskaya rail way
Suggestions for the reception, grading and recycling spot place organization for railway station wastes treatment at Oktyabrskaya rail way
Temporary rules for the arrangement of separate waste collection in passenger trains formed at Oktyabrskaya rail way (issued by Transservis in 2001)
During 1995-2000 the leading specialists of Plastpolymer and Kameya conjointly with St. Petersburg City Administration have worked out the conception: The creation of effective polymer solid wastes collection and utilization system on the territory of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. This idea was tested, realized and at this moment is successfully functioning at Kameya plant and at other enterprises projected by Plastpolymer.
In 1996 Plastpolymer took part in elaboration of Waste treatment scheme in medical enterprises of St. Petersburg concerning the technological solutions in the frame of EC-Life – 95 conjointly with Nature Ministry and Health Ministry of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region, also with participation of some project and scientific research institutions and some foreign partners from France, Germany, Finland and Sweden.
The result of this work was resumed in Temporary recommended rules for health and medicine wastes issued by the centre of hygiene and epidemiological control of St. Petersburg. And in 2000 the State Health Ministry of Russia issued sanitary regulations and norms The rules of waste collecting, storage and utilization in medical and prophylactic enterprises.
Licensed medicine polymer wastes recycling facilities were founded and even already function on the basis of Plastpolymer projects. More than 600 medical organizations of the city deliver up to 10 tons of polymer wastes per month. These wastes including syringes and hoses are preliminary disinfected and this is confirmed by covering documents.
Plastpolymer also implemented some projects on local recycling and waste utilization machines for various enterprises in Russia:
Polymer wastes recycling facilities for research and production union Kliring Tsentr in Krasnoyarsk, Nizhniy Novgorod and at Surgut gas processing plant. The main principle here was the production of wide range of technically applied articles using 100% of recycled polymer raw materials: construction materials (tile and socle slab), electro - technical products (protective casings for cable socket), details for metal furniture production or small architectonic forms (ornamental flowerpots, garden fences or the gutter for the surface run-off collecting);
Tyre recycling facility with 24 thousand tons per year productive capacity in Yanino, Leningrad region and Slantsy Plant
Mixed wastes sorting and recycling facility (polymer, cardboard and other ingredients) in St. Petersburg
Thermal sterilization equipment at Stavrolen Ltd. in Budyonovsk
Preliminary project on garbage recycling complex facility on the territory of Kingisepskiy district in Leningrad region
The enumerated technologies and some of the products are protected by the patents of Russian Federation. Being the leader in such projects design and introduction Plastpolymer is ready to create any waste recycling enterprise of any complexity.

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