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Electric IMM – to the CIS market  #7 (101), 2011

On July 5-6, representation of Haitian International Holding Ltd. in CIS, headed by Prof. Franz Helmar, holding’s vice-president on Strategic Development, has held in Belorussian cities Minsk and Gomel the technical seminar “Plastics: trends, innovations, resource saving”, having the main theme the electric injection molding machines

The seminar was attended by over 40 representatives of Belorussian and Russian enterprises engaged in molding of plastics products, including major industry players: Atlant, Alkopak, Alyansplast, BIMAplast, Vivad, Mir Upakovki, PP Polesie, Borisov plastics products plant, Essen Production AG, Russian Kvas.

The first day of the event included discussion of such issues as the modern world trends in plastics processing industry and the development strategy of Haitian International holding, as well as presentation of all-electric IMMs of Zhafir Venus and Zhafir Mercury series.

Alexander Dokuchaev, head of Haitian International in CIS, said: “Haitian International intends to become a global leader in injection molding equipment sales not only in volume but in value terms and hence it is necessary to strengthen the holding’s presence on European and States’ markets, being the most exigent in terms of new technologies. Therefore we are on the way of enhancement of injection molding machines, so that they could process more complex materials, bioplastics, perform unconventional molding problems, including those related to the use of nanotechnologies.”

For different segments of market holding offers different IMM series. Zhafir Plastics Machinery Ltd. develops and manufactures high-tech electric machinery; Haitian Plastics Machinery Ltd. specializes in the most reliable hydraulic, knuckle-joint IMMs, in the equipment for two-component molding. Wuxi Haitian Machinery Co., Ltd. under the brand Tianjian Plastics Machinery offers solutions for simple injection molding applications.

Alexander Dokuchaev gave a detailed reference about all series of manufactured equipment and emphasized that the resulting manifold is caused by customer needs – even within one enterprise quite different problems might be solved, like production of high-precision products, large-size and multi-component molding. He noted that the company Haitian Russia has delivered already more than 1.5 thousand machines to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, renders clients with round-the-clock technical support and has a warehouse with spare parts for all series of the equipment.

Prof. Franz Helmara attracted the great interest – he highlighted the Chinese path to the world leadership, touched peculiarity aspects of doing business with Chinese companies, as well as the up-to-date global trends in plastics processing industry and associated with this strategy of Haitian International holding development.

Particular attention was paid to all-electric molding machines of Zhafir Venus and Zhafir Mercury series. The goal was to make acquainted Russian and Belorussian plastics processors with this equipment and get a feedback from those of them who’re already working on Zhafir electric machines.

Electric IMMs in Russia and CIS countries are becoming increasingly popular: in 2010 Haitian Russia has sold here already more than 70 electric injection molding machines of Zhafir Venus types. Valery Korolevich, regional representative of Haitian Russia in Belarus, pointed out that that’s a worldwide tendency and in the nearest 1.5-2 years the number of electric machines in Europe will appreciably increase.

Zhafir was founded in 2005. Today its electric machines are manufactured at the two production sites of the company – in Germany and China. As was mentioned by Sergey  Lysov, the head of technical department of Haitian Russia - Zhafir Venus series was initially thought as alternative to a good European hydraulic equipment, comparable in price and speed characteristics, but having all the advantages of electric machines, being high accuracy and products’ repeatability together with energy savings. This was confirmed by the seminar attendees whose equipment base include Zhafir Venus machines.

Particularly Damir Galeev, equipment technologist of IE Novitsky D.V., said that the enterprise acquired IMM of this series in 2006. Compared with hydraulic, machine can be easily adjusted and is simple in design. The absence of hydraulic system eliminates potential problems with the oil, such as its purchase, cooling (the use of chillers is excluded). The company purchased already the third electric Zhafir Venus IMM, and each machine saves electric power by 20 thousand rubles per month.

Valery Korolevich talked about the features of all-electric column-free IMMs of Zhafir Mercury series, that were presented at the end of 2009 on Zhafir’s Open Days whilst international sales were started at K-2010 exhibition. These machines are destined for production of high-tech sophisticated products or processing of materials with special properties. Zhafir Mercury series has a special patented bearing structure that provides superior rigidity, along with the absolute parallelism of plates. Absence of traditional columns ensures possibility to use the entire plates’ surface to install the mold and facilitates its mounting.

The leadership of Haitian International announced some interesting plans of company in Russia and CIS, that should become true yet before the end of 2011. Firstly, on the closest trade fair in Moscow there will be presented in operation the all-electric column-free IMM of Zhafir Mercury series. Secondly, already in the end of 2011 international sales of Haitian Pallas series will be started, which is a new generation of Haitian Mars – a popular series of energy-efficient IMMs. Like Mars, the new series is equipped with servo motors, but became faster and more precise. Besides, Haitian International holding presented its capabilities in molding of foamed plastics by the MuCell technology of Trexell company, with which in 2010 a license agreement was concluded. It was also declared that till the end of 2011 a training center for electric IMM operation will be opened in the Volga region.

After all reports and presentations a lively discussion took place where the seminar participants and quests exchanged opinions, made Q & A short sessions, discussed the experience of all-electric Zhafir IMM usage and application. All clients have noted the excellent level of service provided by Haitian Russia, and those visited holding’s production sites in China – high production standards ensuring reliability of products.

On July 6, seminar participants went to Gomel where observed in operation IMMs Haitian and Zhafir in production area of Alkopak – company-leader on Belorussian market of innovative closures for alcoholic beverages. From the 54 injection molding machines of Haitian holding installed at enterprise, 28 – are the all-electric Zhafir Venus IMMs, and in the nearest future Alkopak intends to purchase about 20 all-electric IMMs of Zhafir Venus and Mercury series, for which a new shop is already being built.

Organizers of the seminar noted the increased activity of partners and customers at such events, that definitely indicates the processors’ increased demand for high-quality solutions in injection molding industries, their efforts to build up capacity and improve product quality.

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