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Ultrasonic welding of plastics  #3(109), 2012

The Windeq Technical Center is the official representative in Russia of Telsonic Ultrasonic AG (Switzerland) – a world leader in production of ultrasonic welding systems. How with the aid of Telsonic equipment there can be solved a vast range of tasks on ultrasonic plastics’ welding, the Plastics magazine was told at Interplastica-2012 by Windeq engineer Taras Nikiforov

 - Taras Nikolaevich, what is the range of products and services that JSC TC Windeq offers manufacturers of plastic articles?
 - We supply a wide range of equipment: from manual welding machines, standard welding presses and generators to autonomous actuating devices and sophisticated machines of special destination, capable to solve a vast range of tasks in plastics welding. All ultrasonic welding systems can be integrated into automated lines. Our experts provide consultations on how to achieve the best quality of customer’s products at the stages of product and mold design, render services on commissioning and maintenance service. We can also offer equipment for ultrasonic cleaning of molds, tubular and immersible Telsonic emitters.

 - What is the variety of problems that can be solved via proposed equipment?
 - The accurate, hermetic and permanent connection can be obtained in certain cases solely by means of ultrasonic welding (hereinafter - UW). Innovative UW technologies – are the key factor in successful solution of sophisticated, often looking “impossible” problems in the serial production in such industries as automotive, medicine, chemistry, pharmacology, manufacturing of toys, nonwovens, geosynthetics, electrical products, some types of packaging. The list of our customers is very representative. Say, 3M Russia company successfully applies systems based on “cut & seal” technology and integrated into automated production lines, to manufacture respirators. Scientific-production enterprise Technofilter welds the cases of filters it produces for liquid media in industry. Equipment of Telsonic AG is used in production of Barrier household water filters. Scientific-engineering Center Atlas uses ultrasonic welding to manufacture plastic cards, whilst JSC DAAZ – for production of automotive lighting. The widest application in Russia have found the Geoweb systems – for production of volumetric geogrids (JSC 494 UNR, JSC Geodor, JSC Ivtex, JSC Pinema). Well-known Tetra Pak supplies all its equipment with Telsonic systems, that says a lot.

 - What’s the relevance of ultrasonic technologies in production of automotive components of plastics?
- In the modern automobile industry the technology of ultrasonic welding has won and strengthens its position, ‘cause it doesn’t require consumables while connecting articles. Rear lights, additional stop-lights, rear-view mirrors, bumpers and cutting holes in them for parking sensors, elements of interior lining and noise insulation, locks of seat belts, air ducts, instrument panel - ultrasonic welding solves just a vast range of tasks in production of these components. Innovative control systems from Telsonic monitor every welding parameter, providing excellent products’ quality and high reproducibility of the processes.

 - What new solutions in the UW-field have you presented at Interplastica-2012?
 - Our company presented in operation the Geoweb system for ultrasonic welding of volumetric geogrid. This system is easily integrated into a new generation of automated production lines’ series with 6 or 11 stations, as well as into semi-automatic or manual units. Systems are capable of welding the seam of 305 mm width, and the generator power is 4.5 kW. We have also presented the new control systems for UW-presses, having more advanced and convenient interface and navigation.

Interviewed by Anna Vilens

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