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The newest technology of compounding  #3(109), 2012

The company KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH presents an innovative development in the field of rubber compounding: an economy line, which combines extruder for rubber processing, gear pump and twin-screw extruder for compounding of rubber mixtures

Continuous production of rubber mixtures
For continuous production of rubber mixtures KraussMaffei Berstorff has developed a new concept of the equipment. The line’s core is the twin-screw extruder of ZE type with unidirectional screws rotation. Due to combination of a short extruder for rubber processing and a gear pump it becomes possible to dose – according to selected formulation, the material flow of rubber or rubber mixture into attached compounding extruder. Thus, the rubber is involved into compounding process via volumetric dosing method.

Combination of rubber processing extruder with gear pump provides a number of advantages. Instead of using expensive granulate, direct feeding by rubber pieces cut from a briquette becomes possible. This simplifies process technology and reduces expenses as soon as complex and expensive phase of pre-granulation of material can be abandoned, the same concerns antitack agents; the problem of re-agglomeration of granulated rubber is also eliminated.

Extruder for rubber processing is destined for material input, plasticization and generation of the pressure of working mass in area of gear pump to assure this area be always 100 percent filled with material, so that subsequent feeding of compounding extruder with rubber component is always provided. Due to the use of gear pump the constant volume of material is secured. The goal of subsequent twin-screw extruder is a uniform mixing of the rubber mixture while adding into it other components, e.g. soot or resin.

Unlike internal mixers, being used to date for preparation of rubber compounds and working with interrupts, the proposed combination of extruder for rubber processing, gear pump and twin-screw compounding extruder ensures continuous production process. Thereby oscillations between the product batches are excluded, and a stable mixture quality is guaranteed. As a result, the power consumption during continuous production remains stable, and the process of compounding becomes more economical. Another advantage is the complete automation of production process. No time is needed, say, to load raw materials and associated downtime; operating staff can be reduced.

Extrusion of TPE/PP profiles
New modern extrusion lines offered by KraussMaffei Berstorff, are designed for processing of polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) of different hardness. For production of various profiles of these materials the company offers up to five modifications of single-screw extruders with screw diameters from 30 to 90 mm. The concept of lines can be equally interesting as for manufacturers of seals for the automotive industry and to producers of technical profiles used in other industries.

The company guarantees customers an individual approach in selection of design solutions for complete production lines for any type of profile. To ensure high performance and reliability of the company’s equipment, KraussMaffei Berstorff unites its efforts in development of optimal concept of production lines with technical capabilities of KraussMaffei Group’s plants in Hannover and Munich. The result of cooperation between the two enterprises is the high-tech and high-performance line concept, enabling customers to produce qualitative sealing profiles for variety of applications.

Versatile and economy operation
The modular design of equipment allows the creation of lines with optimal units’ set, that meet the customer requirements to the most possible extent: from simple conventional mono systems to sophisticated hybrid lines for production of profiles with flocking and a steel frame. Just such lines are of the most interest for processors that manufacture a mixed assortment of products and stake on high quality and flexibility of production process.

Pre- and post-extrusion equipment, like the units for pre-drying and vacuum dosing of raw materials, heating channel and the cooling one with a closed loop system of water reuse, ensure high energy efficiency of line operation. Control of the line and all composing it units and auxiliary assemblies is being done via centralized control panel. KraussMaffei Berstorff carries out the delivery of its production lines for coupling and sealing profiles turnkey, with complete kit of running-in tooling and various peripherals – from the dosing system and up to the units for stacking and packaging of finished profiles.

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