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14 innovations from Wittmann  #11 (57), 2007

The meeting of Wittmann’s specialists with reporters at K-2007 exhibition was organized in form of excursion around the company’s booth and introduction of its latest developments and innovations

1. W711 – Robot bestseller
For General Director of Wittmann Company Michael Wittmann and Company’s president Dr Werner Wittmann advanced technologies are tradition of the family businessChromed robot of W711 series was really dazzling the eyes: this year this series became a top-selling product. In a short time W711 Robot with a 5 kg payload and numerous characteristics has become the standard for application with small injection molding machines with clamping force up to 150 tons.

2. DRYMAX ER 60 ROTO – the reinvented wheel
The new dryer combines advantages of the twin bed desiccant dryers and benefits of standard wheel dryers: a constant dew point, energy efficient operation and opportunity to change desiccant without replacing an expensive wheel unit.

3. DRYMAX ED 80 with SmartFlow technology
Now one of the main advantageous functions of central drying systems – air circulation in opposite directions – is available in single hopper dryer DRYMAX ED 80.

4. FEEDMAX B – a smart vacuum feeding device
New FEEDMAX B shows compliance with highest requirements: compatibility with various types of lines, easy cleaning, high durability.

5. DRYMAX E – excellent compatibility
Now with the help of CAN-bus central dryers of DRYMAX E series can be integrated not only with drying hoppers of SILMAX E series, but also with centralized control system M 7.2.

6. GRAVIMAX – real time control over blending
The main advantage of this blender is ability to perform maximum accurate blending of compounds in every new batch of raw materials with the help of real time live scale (RTLS).

7. COOLMAX – cool gadgets
One of the latest innovations of the company is portable chillers of COOLMAX series with cooling capacity from 10 to 90 kW. Due to hermetical compressors and stainless steel cylinders for water circulation, a highest system capacity can be achieved.

8. TEMPRO PLUS C – more benefits
Recently improved PLUS C series of temperature controller TERMO PLUS possess even larger number of beneficial characteristics: a higher response rate, unlimited purge volume and a display showing all the ins and outs of the process.

9. W801 – lighter than a feather
Compact robot W801 for injection molding machines with clamping force from 25 to 120 tons possess operation properties typical for large models with 3 kg load capacity.

10. SmartRemoval – parts removal as an art
SmartRemoval option allows to apply a term used by racing car drivers “flying start” to automation system as well. Significant reduction in operation cycle time is achieved due to application of SmartRemoval on Ultra High Speed W821 Robot.

11. R8 Control System – a versatile approach
New control panel for R8 robots can be called versatile: it is multifunctional and at the same time exceptionally easy to use, so that even a novice user can handle it.

12. Clean Room – ultimate cleanliness
More often now, production of various plastic parts requires “clean room” conditions. Directly at the company’s stand, vacuum loaders FEEDMAX A206, peculiar for their perfect closed design, showed advantages of their application in conditions of sterile production.

13. MAS – latest granulators for recycling
Thanks to absolutely new production concept, granulators of MAS series are notable for a more compact design and are perfectly suited for operation on lines for recycling of soft and medium hard plastic wastes.

14. In-mold labeling – unrivaled accuracy
At the company’s stand an injection molding machine with a double-deck mold was used to show performance capabilities of outstanding know-hows of Wittmann Company in the sphere of in-mold labeling of plastic containers and lids.

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