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ATEC Plastservice: triple alliance  #12 (58), 2007

ATECATEC Plastservice LLC in Russia presents at once products of three Asian companies manufacturing Taiwanese injection molding machines, Singapore molds and Chinese periphery equipment. general director of ATEC Plastservice Tan Bun Khi told us about the strategy aimed at conquering the Russian market

Strength lies in complete package
- Mr Tan, why have you chosen these specific companies that you are representing in Russia?
- ATEC Plastservice LLC is a Russian company with 100% Singapore capital, Tan Bun Khibeing a part of ATEC group. We supply to Russian plastics processors molds of our incorporator – Singapore tooling producer Plasticscommerce Pte Ltd.; injection molding machines manufactured by our Taiwanese partner Hwa Chin Machinery Factory Co., with robots and automation systems from Taiwan, and periphery equipment of Chinese company Shini Plastics Technologies, Inc.
Partnership with these companies allows us to offer our customers turn-key solutions, when they receive all necessary equipment, periphery and tooling from a single source. We also sell all mentioned items separately, but our company's advantage lies exactly in our ability to offer complete production packages for plastic product manufacture.
- Could you please tell us about molding equipment you offer?
- We supply to the Russian market high-quality molding equipment from Taiwan, including high-speed toggle injection molding machines, hydraulic and two-component injection molding machines.
Plasticscommerce together with Hwa Chin have developed a new class of machines sold under ATEC brand, meant for European and Russian markets. We are Taiwan’s first manufacturer of two-component injection molding machines, as well as the leading company in the market of injection molding machines both for one-component and two-colour molding. Now the company started production of four-component molding machines, one of the models representing this series was exposed at K exhibition in Duesseldorf.
Another advantage of the company lies in its ability to provide solutions for a short cycle molding within a long-running production program, when injection molding machines are required to operate almost continuously.
In the nearest future ATEC is going to manufacture machines of a new series with high energy efficiency (up to 30% of energy saving), by this characteristics comparable to all-electric injection molding machines. In the second half of 2008 toggle type and hydraulic injection molding machines will be available in the Russian market.
Today ATEC supplies equipment and molds to various plastic products manufacturers for IKEA in Europe and Russia. ATEC has a showroom in Riga (Latvia) where all series of machines are presented in real-time operation mode.
Offering our customers these molding machines, we guarantee high quality, reliability, easy operation and efficiency at reasonable prices.

Periphery for every taste
- What auxiliary equipment can you supply to your customers?
- Our company offers all possible periphery equipment of Chinese company Shini, suitable for use with all series of injection molding machines and certified with ISO 9001 and CE quality standards, thus ensuring their quality and reliability. ATEC has a lot of customers in Asian and European countries who use our periphery with various brands of injection molding machines and can confirm their compatibility.
We supply both separate equipment and complete packages – for example, centralized material cooling, feeding and drying systems. Drying and dehumidifying systems can be used for any polymer material; they can operate next to a machine, as well as in special drying premises.
Machines for mixing material with colorants, additives or with «secondary» materials can be centralized or can operate directly next to machine. If during blending process we use secondary material, which might contain metal particles, special metal detector helps separate these particles.
For temperature control we offer thermostating equipment that monitors temperature of equipment and mold. Besides, we supply recycling lines and granulators – central and working next to injection molding machine.
- And what about tooling?
- ATEC presents Mastip™ hot runner systems that include hot nozzles, manifold, temperature controllers, and according to customer's wish we can supply complete set of systems, separate component parts or completely designed systems.

«Comprise the whole of Russia»
- How does your company work in terms of promotion to the Russian market?
- We have devoted a lot of time to investigation of this market; held marketing researches and we know what needs to be offered to Russian processors. We try to position ourselves as a company that provides a decent quality for reasonable prices.
Customers in Russia should have a choice of better equipment at a favourable price. ATEC offers an ever-expanding range of equipment supplied with quality assurance within shortest time.
We have a spare parts warehouse in Ryazan – a constant stock of spare parts provides an opportunity of prompt and high-quality customer service.
Our special pride is a training center with samples of injection molding machines where an operator can learn to control our machines at their optimum level, before the injection molding machine will be actually sent to the customer.
In Russia we have our own engineering center for molds and equipment maintenance, which enables us to respond quickly to any customer requests. We have spent the last 18 months on preparation of the engineering and training centers because we are sure that this is critical for success in the Russian market. At the moment the center is put into service, and now we are able to handle sales and marketing more efficiently.
- What is your sales geography in Russia?
- Today we are working in Central Region, Moscow, Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod. It is very hard for one company to comprise the whole Russia, that is why we invite to cooperation other companies that will become our regional agents. We are interested in Volga Region and other industrial regions, and this requires serious partners.
- You have mentioned participation in K-2007 exhibition. Are you planning to take part in Interplastica?
- K exhibition is a high-profile event for plastics processing industry, and it was essential for us to be present here to meet our customers in Europe, to introduce them our new products as European market is very important for ATEC Company.
As for Interplastica, the leading industrial exhibition in Russia and the CIS countries, we will certainly take part in it and introduce our new attractive solutions, and we are sure that it will contribute to our further promotion in the Russian market.

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