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Reisner: the latest cooling technologies  #1-2 (59-60) 2008

ReisnerThe development of plastics production causes the increase of requirements to the cooling machines for IMM and extruders. By now system solutions integrated into the production process are more demanded. German company Reisner works in this direction.

Solid platform for individual performance.
German producer Reisner GmbH has been manufacturing cooling machines since 1980 choosing the way of individual solutions. In 2005 they established their branch in Switzerland. The number of plastics processing plants having chosen the effectively working Reisner cooling equipment increases. All the machines leaving the production facility in Germany are worked out in close cooperation with the customers and are adapted to their demands. They are supplied and installed individually and serviced during the whole life circle if there is such necessity.
About the founder of the company
The graduate engineer Klaus Reisner (born in 1951) is the founder and the general manager of Reisner GmbH in Germany. Being educated in the sphere of cooling unit production he widened his professional competence by getting education in electrical engineering. Since 1978 Klaus Reisner has been applying his vast experience and knowledge in cooling unit technology as the council expert. His book Cooling equipment for industrial and trade application (the third addition was issued in 2002 by Muller and the next overworked issue is planned for 2008) became very popular as educational text-book.
Reisner team includes the experts combining deep theoretical knowledge and scientific approach to problem solution. Realizing that cold emission is based on thermal energy rejection, the company worked out many innovative solutions to use the evolved energy. So the basis of machine design is the aim to ensure energy efficient production process in the frame of rising importance of production costs and carbonic gas level decrease.
One of the integral planning examples can be heat recuperation, which greatly influences the expenditure balance and environmental impact. The wasted heat can be used for big production premises and office heating. Thus, the consumers using Reisner machines in Switzerland can achieve significant economy of financial means by using thermal energy emitted while molds and hydraulic junctions exploitation.
Reisner company offers to its clients complex and very profitable solutions – electricity, heat and cooling supply by one block boiler – house. Reisner elaboration–Vario technology- is rather suitable for typical Central Europe temperatures, allowing for cooling equipment to work in economical mode at low condensation temperatures. Production costs are decreased by 40 % and it minimizes CO2 emission.

The technology of the future
Varitype condensation is the most vivid example of numerous Reisner innovations which were presented at the market thanks to experience of Reisner team. The demands of our customers in the sphere of plastics processing constantly inspire our R&D specialists. One of the latest solutions suggested by Swiss Reisner enterprise for final polyamide products processing is the new elastic conditioning chamber. With the help of this chamber the products of any size and any structure could be conditioned and then cooled so rapidly that just after the condensation they can be further processed or transported.
The heart of the conditioning chamber is the hi-tech handling block, programmed according to the requirements of the client. We have been paying much attention to the equipment automation for a long time and we continue working over further development in this aspect. By now remote control and diagnostics are the basis components of Reisner machines and equipment. If it’s necessary our service centre staff can define the machine condition or find out the disrepair in quick and reliable way using the Internet.
Also any software changes can be performed directly from our German office, making our equipment operation process more reliable. Integration of new control system WinCC allows Reisner accomplishing better result in the sphere of information collection, recording and processing. The aim is maximum transparency for the customer at any time to know how his machine is working or how much energy it expends.
The technical development of Reisner is not just following the popular trends. Each new direction is thoroughly studied and tested before being put into practice. For example, the successful contracting technology Turbocor being widely discussed was critically checked by Reisner specialists. And now offering it to some enterprises Reisner can assure them that it will be exactly suitable for their requirements. At this moment the company is working over the air-purification and ventilation technology because of its growing significance lately.

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