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From stability - to innovations  #6 (64) 2008

Haitian International Holding, a supplier of reliable, steadily operating molding equipment, is actively entering the rapidly developing market of high-tech molding. And the planet names in those of new injection molding machine series - are a sign of company's striving for "cosmic" standard in machinery construction

Zhafir Venus and Zhafir Mercury – all-electric injection molding machines
Injection molding machines of Zhafir Venus series with
Business card
Haitian International Holdings
Combines companies Haitian Plastics Machinery and Zhafir Plastics Machinery.
№1 injection molding machines manufacturer  in the world (over 65 thousand injection molding machines were produced and installed in 2004-2007, its reference list contains over 36 thousand companies-customers from 75 countries of the world).
15 own factories in China and abroad, own scientific-research centers, representative offices and technical support centers in 40 countries of the world.
Injection molding machines for medium- and high-technology molding. The range of injection molding machines allows efficiently to solve up to 90% of molding tasks.
Perfect "performance/price" ratio.
In Russia during the last 3 years Haitian Plastics Machinery firmly keeps among the three top leaders by sales results of injection molding machines.
Available storehouse of injection molding machines ready to be sold in Russia, as well as a storehouse of spare parts.
clamping force between 400 and 4100 kg are the first generation of all-electric injection molding machines produced by Zhafir Plastics Machinery, designed for the high-tech market of plastics processing.
The powerful kinematics of fail-safe 5-point toggle system for mold locking provides high speed and economical operation, which allows to achieve a better smoothness of movements and to increase mold protection, which helps to reduce wear and tear on molds.
Clamping unit is designed with application of FEM analysis allowing to optimize and to reduce internal strain and to improve structural stiffness. Specially designed screws and drive belts are used to provide high speed and load capacity, as well as low noise level. Model range of injection molding machines representing Zhafir Venus series offers vast opportunities. There are 4 different injection units for each clamping force.
Injection, mold opening/closing and ejection are driven by independent servo-motors with closed-loop control that provide parallel movements and high precision. Owing to it cycle time is significantly reduced and as a result customer’s operating costs decrease.
Injection molding machines of Zhafir Venus series have a widest sphere of application due to their perfect operation characteristics. Besides they can be used in electrical and electronic industries with high quality standards, in high-tech optical industry, in cleanroom conditions, in thin-wall and micro molding.
Zhafir Mercury series is a new generation of all-electric injection molding machines. This project, led by head engineer Stephan Franz, is absolutely unique. So, during development of these injection molding machines the latest revolutionary solutions were used for designing clamping unit, injection unit and general machine architecture, and also an original electric circuit solution was applied.
At the moment designing process enters its final stage; construction of a factory for manufacturing Zhafir Mercury machines has already been started in Germany. The production is expected to start at the end of 2008.

Haitian Mars - high precision and energy saving
Haitian Mars series, designed on the basis of Haitian Saturn series, come with innovative hydraulic drive concept – machines of this series are equipped with servomotors with a minimum response time that drive a pump; it helps to reduce energy consumption by 20-70% in comparison with traditional injection molding machines with permanent pump.
Efficiency of a servomotor lies in the fact that it gets switched on only when needed, with the set rotation speed, making 0-2000 revolutions per minute. This system is very dynamic, the response time is only 0,05 seconds, cycle time is shortened, and deviations of actual molding parameters do not exceed 0,5%. Machines of Mars series are notable for low oil heating, and in some cases cooling of hydraulics is not required at all. It is a unique energy saving solution for products with a long molding cycle.
Haitian Mars series, as well as Haitian Saturn, is equipped with high-speed control technology from Austrian company Keba (model 1075 and 4030), ensuring reliable control and production optimization.
Haitian Mars series include 23 standard sizes of machines with clamping force from 60 to 2400 tons, each of them, depending on the customer needs, might be fitted with a range of additional options for solving specific molding tasks.

Special application series
Haitian Jupiter – injection molding machines with clamping force 1100-6000 tons for molding of large-scale products. Injection molding machines of Jupiter series are equipped with hydraulic two-platen clamping unit which enables fast clamping/unclamping of platens and rapid increase in clamping pressure, thus providing shortened cycle time. Moreover, short stroke hydraulic cylinders ensure reliable and uniform clamping and low energy consumption.

Haitian Uranus – high-speed injection molding machines for molding of thin-walled products. The main requirements to production of thin-walled articles are a short cycle and high injection speed. These tasks can be solved through installation of electric screw drive, hydraulic accumulator and additional closed-loop proportional valves that increase injection speed and pressure, precision of charging and injection.

Haitian Lapetus – injection molding machines for two component (two-colour) molding. Molding of two-component (two-colour) products is performed by two independent injection units and a special clamping unit with movable platen. Every injection unit can be set up for a certain volume of material defined by product design, performing injection of two types (or colours) of plastics. Molding of two-component products within one cycle reduces production costs and significantly increases efficiency of molding.

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