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"SafPlast": new brand at polycarbonate sheets market  #9 (67) 2008

11September, 2008, Vysokorsk district of Tatarstan; opening ceremony of “SafPlast Innovative”, Russian largest solid and cell PC sheet production took place. This was quite essential event for the industry as with launching new production capacities the gap in the Russian PC-sheets market is expected to be filled.
Over 150 guests were invited to the opening ceremony, among them biggest dealers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine, companies and investors from building sector, representatives of the Russian government structures, and the event was a perfect occasion to discuss current situation and future of the Russian PC-sheets market.
It is no coincidence that the first part in the opening program was represented by “SafPlast Innovative: Future materials – today” conference,  that took place in Korston Hotel&Mall Kazan. There, Vice President of Creon Company Tamara Khazova made a review speech on world and Russian polycarbonate market.
– “SafPlast Innovative” plant has no competitors at the Tatarstan market, - said Tamara Khazova. – At the Russian market its competitors are such companies as: JSC “Carboglass”, “Kronos-trade”, “Polyalt” Ltd., “Polygal Vostok” Ltd., which have already taken certain market share. To compete with them “SafPlast” must provide sheets of higher quality and offer more favorable prices. I suppose that most part of plant’s production will be intended to domestic market of the republic (particularly, on account of preparation to XXVII World Summer Universiade-2013).
Some questions about polycarbonate application in different fields of building industry were also discussed at the conference.
Director general of “SafPlast” Ltd. Denis Makarov told about how this project had been created and realized, about company’s future development, and about its products – solid and cell polycarbonate sheets, produced under the brand name “Novattro”. He pointed out that the plant building owner was “Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt” company, chief designing company was “GiproNIIaviaprom” JSC and general contractor – “SV-Trans” Ltd., has been built in high gear for 11 months only.
Then spoke representatives of the companies, that took the main part in realization of the project: Fabio Cazzani, CEO of Italian company Omipa, that supplied 3 high-technology extrusion lines; Alexey Avramchik, general director of “Antey-Alliance” Ltd., providing processing support for the project; and representatives of the German companies Bayer MaterialScience and BASF, contracting high-grade raw materials to the new plant.
Technical director of “SafPlast” Ltd. Ilya Dybkov presented the book “Polycarbonate. Modern Constructional Applications, published by the company and aiming to popularize polycarbonate application in Russia, because there are a lot of industries where it can be used: building industry, machine building, including car manufacturing, production of optical disks, electronics, electrical goods and others.
The event then moved to the company’s industrial warehouse complex area occupying 15000 sq m in Vysokorsk district. Tatarstan Prime Minister Roustam Minnikhanov took part in the ceremony for some time. Denis Makarov held an excursion over the plant. Guests were shown the work of 2 extrusion lines for production cell polycarbonate sheets – solid polycarbonate sheets production line will be launched in October, and total capacity of the plant will be more than 10000 tons per year. Produced celled polycarbonate sheets can be from 4 to 32 mm thick, for dyeing of products in 7 standard colors used Clariant masterbatches are used. Even today orders for “SafPlast” polycarbonate sheets are made for the next 3 months, and its customers are not only domestic companies, but companies from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. A focus of attention was unique loader made to special order of “SafPlast” by Irish company “Combilift” and plied between shelves with 6-12 meters sheets at the warehouse.
After that, grand ceremony for rewarding all project participants: investors, builders, equipment and material suppliers – took place.
According to report of Robert Musin, chairman of the board of directors of JSC “AK BARS Bank” that financed the project, annual sales are supposed to be more than 2 billion rubles and the company will reached its project capacity of 14 tons of products per year in foreseeable future. The Chairman of JSC “AK BARS Bank” Robert Minnegaliev added:
This investment project is estimated in 800 millions rubles. Its pay-back period is rather short – we assumed that it will take 5 years.
We are going to increase production output to meet the demand in our products not only for a half but for as  high as 100%, – summarized Denis Makarov.
Party atmosphere was supported by drummers show and aerialists performance “under the big top” of workshop and was kept even during the banquet given by plant management in honor of the plant official opening.

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