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Optimal choice: injection molding machines of JSC “Atlant”  #11 (69) 2008

AtlantThe best advantage of injection molding machines produced by Belarussian company JSC “Atlant” is quality, confirmed by its undisturbed operation it provides for it end-users

No other supplier at Russian market can boast that its production facilities are in the same economic and customs area with Russian customers, which helps to save costs (there are no customs duties, paper work fees) and time (equipment delivery, making documents, organizing installation, setting-up and future service maintenance). In this situation JSC “Atlant”, whose production of injection molding machines is located in Belarus at a modern, stable operating Baranovichi machine-building plant, has the best position.
Today’s market of molding machines is glutted with offers from different suppliers – both Asian and European. JSC “Atlant” is a startup company at this market, and thus it can’t allow delivering substandard equipment and so its machines are made onle of best component parts from world-class producers: Keba, Siemens (management system), Bosch, Yuken, Rexroth (hydraulic systems), Festo (pneumatics), Balluff (inspection sensors, ultrasound machines) - all of them being originally produced in Europe.
Basing on its own experience on arranging plastic molding production, JSC “Atlant” offers complex solutions starting from recommendations on materials for the future products, plastic detail design, design and manufacture of tolling and peripherals (for drying, blending, transport to the point of material destination, end product ejection, technological waste crushing) and ending with injection molding machines supplies.
Russian-language (not Russified!) control menu for injection molding machines, Russian-language operational manual, no language barrier between an equipment producer and a customer, installation, setting-up, training of the operation staff, 2-year warranty service - these are the reasons why Russian companies choose injection molding machines of JSC Atlant.

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