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Business philosophy from Elastoimpex  #12 (70) 2008

Elastoimpex provides Russian processors with Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethane – the leader of elastoplastics market

"We do not sell products, we help to buy them" – that was the main company’s motto when it entered Russian thermoplastic polyurethane market in 2002. And now Elastoimpex successfully supplies Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethanes to Russian processors.
Our customers have experienced first hand that the product has to be up front among the materials applied in various branches of automotive, wire and cable, and footwear industry. Many customers have already appraised its high quality.
Our experts have not only presented a new and interesting product for Russian market, they keep on searching for various applications of that comprehensive material, in contact with customers.
Elastoimpex Ltd is an official supplier of production of Elastogran GmbH, subdivision of BASF group, so we are able to provide Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethane for the price that is beneficial for Russian processors. Also we offer Elastollan® polyurethane films from Epurex Films, retaining all the properties of Elastollan®.
Jointly with Elastogran experts we help to choose material with properties required for specific applications. Also we develop application-specific products with unique parameters for our customers.
Approach to every customer is individual and service range is limited only by customer's desires. PLC Elastoimpex staff is ready to answer all customers' questions and send required documents as well as provide material samples for testing at no charge.

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