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Standard and special grinders  #3 (73), 2009

AtlantJSC Atlant manufacturers and offers several grinder series for recycling of the waste generated during TPE processing

Our mills can be used to chap sprues up to 12mm in diameter, rejected box-shaped plastic products with wall thickness up to 8 mm. Also they are capable to process PVC window profile and sills waste with length up to 300 mm, small ingots with thickness up to 25mm and dimensions of 200x150 mm.
Cutting grinders
Our cutting grinders ensure high performance grinding (100-700 kg/h) of various industrial and consumer polymer waste including PET bottles and films, thinwalled (up to 3 mm) plastic products, short pipe and profile chips as well as rubber products such as rubber bars and plugs.
Special grinders
We have developed the grinder for PE pipe (slitted) waste with length up to 500 mm and wall thickness  up to 25 mm.
We offer ДН 250/600 ПП cutting grinder (200 kg/h) for grinding of rolled PS film with width up to 850 mm and thickness from 0.3 to 1.8 mm. Also we offer the grinder (400 kg/h) for grinding of PS sheets with width up to 900 mm, length up to 2000 mm and thickness from 1.4 to 5.0 mm.
For TPE ingots grinding we have developed the grinder (120 kg/h) allowing to process ingots sized up to 550x550 mm and up to 120 mm in thickness.
Plastics processing requires package approach for every task which can be easily performed with JSC Atlant equipment

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