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500 molds from Zahoransky Formenbau  # 4 (74), 2009

Making moulds with hydromechanical needle shutoff systems is one of the strengths of Zahoransky Formenbau GmbH. The company developed its first hot runner moulds with hydromechanical drives back in 1996, to manufacture toothbrushes. At the end of 2008, just 12 years later, Zahoransky Formenbau delivered the 500th mould incorporating this system

"It is a great achievement," proudly said Michael Schmidt, head of sales department at Zahoransky Formenbau.
Mold with the cycle length of 6 seconds was produced for one of the leading medical products manufacturer headquartered in USA.
The company’s mould makers saw the benefits of hydromechanical-drive needle shutoff systems very early on. The drive can also be constructed pneumatically or electrically, to suit applications in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. For applications such as these, the oil-free stationary mould half offers real advantages over conventional hydraulic systems.
The hot runner system is driven either by a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder or by a servomotor mounted to the outside of the mould, depending on the customer’s needs. Mechanical drives are particularly advantageous for thin-sectioned applications, as all gates open and close simultaneously. This guarantees an even and regular injection behaviour with respect to all mould cavities and results in plastic components exhibiting a consistent quality that is highly desirable. Experience in the field has shown that thin-sectioned components with wall thicknesses of as little as 0.6 mm can be moulded reliably and safely. Zahoransky Formenbau has solved the issue of needle change in a user-friendly way. The exchange is effected without the mould having to be dismantled. For shutoff needles with conical gates, a pressure-relieving mechanism is integrated for additional safety. Zahoransky markets the highly developed needle shutoff system also as a hot half, meeting with the customer to jointly develop and build the optimal solution for fulfilling application requirements. Purchasers of a hot half, the supplier would say, get to take full advantage of the expertise the mould manufacturer has acquired and reinforced with the completion of the 500 moulds with hydromechanical needle drives it has built over the past dozen years. For servo-driven systems, Zahoransky also supplies its own statistical process controls.
Employing 160 people, Zahoransky Formenbau GmbH makes high-speed multicomponent injection moulds for the pharmaceutical industry, for medical engineering, and for the household goods, hygiene, and packaging industries. Besides moulds and tools, the company provides complex assembly and packaging solutions.

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