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Modern equipment for PU elastomers  #12 (82), 2009

S.P.B. Ltd, one of the leading Russian polyurethanes suppliers, offers high performance equipment for processing of MDI and TDI based molding polyurethane elastomers into finished products

Equipment from Austria-based Polytec ЕМС supplied by S.P.B. Ltd has made a name in Russia.   Wide portfolio of two- and three-component injection molding machines featuring the capacity from 0,5 g/min to 150 kg/min allows to choose optimal solution for any production task. Ribbon flow complexes, equipment for high-viscosity filled composites molding and fully robotized PU production lines has been developed and are being batch-produced.
Reliable automated machines shows maximum efficiency when operating at facilities with high processing volumes. High-quality units and spare parts ensure long service life and original melting and vacuum units as well devices for smooth component feeding into tanks guarantee technological processes safety
For TDI (toluene diisocyanate) based PUs such as СКУ-ПФЛ 100, S.P.B. Ltd offers DG 152 molding machine with output of 6 kg/min. Designed by conventional scheme with heated sections for every component it is equipped with 250 liter polyol tank and 60 liter tank for hardening agent (Куралон М, Диамет Х). Both tanks are equipped with blenders and raw material level sensors. Tanks design allows to vacuumize or compress components with gas-phase nitrogen up to 2 atm.
Electro heated recirculation hoses has inside fluoroplastic coating avoiding depositions and passage section reduction. Computer resources support allows to choose from 10 predefined formulations and weeklong heaters timer ensure energy savings and smoothness of operation.
All machines are tailor-made with precise attention to customer's requirements. In order to do so Polytec ЕМС offers various options such as integrated vacuum pumps, pigments feeding units for colored products, flow rate meters for precise raw material accounting.
For small enterprises with varying portfolio and raw materials S.P.B. Ltd offers equipment from Turkey-based Cersan Makine. CR-47/A casting machine, supplied in Russia for more than 3 years, proved itself as cost-saving and easy to maintain equipment for MDI (diphenylmethane diisocyanate). The model is equipped with fast-changing tanks with wide neck simplifying cleaning process.
Polyol tank is integrated with pneumatic driven blender. Tanks, pumps, recirculation hoses and blending head are fit with heaters. The blending head is dynamic and rotational speed can be adjusted from 0 to 6000 rpm. Mode programming and casting parameters maintenance is performed with integrated computer and general process data are shown on its display. Compact design and low weight allow to integrate the machine into existing facilities. Being an entry-level equipment, СR-47/A is very effective and exceptional in terms of price/performance ratio.
S.P.B. Ltd experts upon request can select and supply required equipment, provide spare parts and perform start-up and guarantee activities. The company gained its reputation from 10 years of experience in operations with molding PUs processing equipment.

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