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Additives for any application  #4 (86), 2010

Being one of the largest suppliers of polymer feedstock from global leading  producers to Russia and Ukraine, ETS Group offers to processors a wide range of additives from Croda Polymer Additives.

Russian-Swedish Edinaya Torgovaya Sistema (ETS) started its operation in CIS in 1994 when the first Saint-Petersburg office and warehouse were opened. Today it represents group of companies operating its own offices and warehouses in many cities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Netherlands and China.
ETS Group decided to significantly widen additive supply portfolio for Russian market in cooperation with Croda Polymer Additives Croda Polymer Additives.
For example ETS offers a series of new slipping additives for PET and polystyrene reducing skin friction significantly as well as special additives for food plastics from Croda Polymer Additives.
IncroMax 100, slipping additive for PET developed by Croda Polymer Additives specialists instantaneously reduces skin friction to 60 percent simplifies finished product take-out with no effect to other PET properties including color and transparency. It reduces formation of scratches and fins improving product surface quality simplifies production process and reduces noise level. IncroMax 100 is applied in production of PET beverage bottles, consumer and beauty vials, food packaging film and sheets. It is produced as white pellets.
IncroMax  PS available for use in food packaging is specially designed for polystyrene processing. It reduces skin friction to 40%, improves packaging density and consequent selecting of moulded work pieces, reduce rejects and waste amount and has no negative effect to physical properties of polystyrene. IncroMax  PS is applied in production of beauty bottles and vials, food containers and trays, CD cases, plastic furniture and houseware. It is produced as beads. Incroslip   is a series of high performance additives designated for food packaging. It features color and taste stability under extreme conditions, ensures significant improvement in oxidating stability maintaining good slipping properties. It is applied in production of bottle caps, food film and medical plastics. It is produced as bulky spherical pellets.
ETS also supplies Crodamide™ slipping additives including oleamides, erukamides, ethylene-bisteramide and anti-fogging and anti-static plastics additives from Croda Polymer Additives.
A whole range of Atmer™ anti-fogging agents can be introduced to polymer in film extrusion process. The additives migrate to surface improving polymer's surface energy and reducing surface energy of any water drops thus condensate is distributed as even and transparent layer.
Introduction of anti-fogging agents in food packaging results in improvement in packaging transparency and product shelf life and the product seems more attractive for customer (for example at supermarket shelf). When anti-fogging agents are introduced in agricultural film light transmission is improved resulting in increase in productivity and early maturation.
Atmer™ antistatic agents which are introduced into polymer matrix in extrusion process are also available. The additives migrate to surface and interact with atmospheric moisture reducing surface electrical and specific resistance and thus dissipating high density of electrical charges providing plastic product with antistatic properties.

Sergry Pasternak, Cand. Sc. , chemistry department manager at ETS Group

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