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How to produce high-quality PET products  #4 (86), 2010

Even throughout Europe more than 200 filtration systems of Kreyenborg GmbH are in operation for PET recycling applications. In processing lines for the production of films and packaging straps made actually in 70 % of all cases recyclers prefer a Kreyenborg filter.

No matter whether r-PET pellets or packaging straps as well as thermoforming films shall be produced in a direct extrusion process, Kreyenborg offers a custom-made filtration solution for every application. Thus the company could establish itself as market leader in the field of melt filtration not only in Europe.
"With the production of films and packaging straps our latest screen changer, the V-type, even evolved into standard", underlines General Manager Jan-Udo Kreyenborg. The V-type, a newly developed, already multiply field-proven filtration system, is patented by Kreyenborg. With its Power Backflush technology, being unique in the market, this system provides for the most powerful and effective backflushing in the market.
Also with pelletizing of PET – both of virgin material and also of r-PET – Kreyenborg is globally ahead. Everyday, worldwide up to 6,000 tons of PET are produced with an underwater pelletizing system in combination with the CrystallCut® process of BKG Bruckmann & Kreyenborg Granuliertechnik GmbH. CrystallCut® is an innovative process, which has been developed by BKG and which makes use of the latent heat in the interior of the pellets for direct crystallisation. Hence it is not necessary to supply additional energy from outside. A crystallisation degree of up to 40 % is achieved.
What factors allow Kreyenborg Group to offer the best solution for every single case? Undobtedly they include broad portfolio ranging from discontinuous and continuous filtration systems to fully automatic backflushing screen changers. These screen changers with process, pressure, and volume-flow constant mode of operation are unique in the market. They allow for the processing and filtration of highly contaminated materials into high-quality products without any decrease in performance.
The screen changers are coupled together with the extremely wear-protected Kreyenborg melt pumps. These pumps, which are available in several different designs, are suited for the extrusion market as well as reactor discharge. A special design is available for quick and simple color and/or product change, patented by Kreyenborg.
The Kreyenborg Infrared Drum IRD offers a very unique advantage for PET recycling. Additionally, the Infrared Drum is not limited to PET; it is also well-suited for the thermal treatment of nearly all free flowing bulk materials.
Underwater Pelletizing Systems of BKG Bruckmann and Kreyenborg Granuliertechnik GmbH have proven their excellence all over the world. These systems are supplied turn-key with drying, water system and control and are suited for all thermoplastic materials, as well as the production of micropellets. From lab-scale to full-scale, BKG offers systems capable of throughput ranges from 2-80 kg/hr (Labline 100) to 35,000 kg/hr. Customers may run tets at BKG's in-house lab line, in order to optimize their production parameters.

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