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Traffic bollards – safety keepers  #4 (86), 2010

Many traffic policemen believe that a lot of road accidents occur due to absence of identification signs including traffic bollards. Today such bollards feature a wide range of applications starting from road arrangement elements for visual orientation of road users to house parking marks at the places of residential and commercial property construction.

Special white plastic used for traffic bollards does not require additional dying throughout service life. Traffic bollards are easy to wash by street cleaners and feature a modern attractive appearance. Plastic column design allow to mount it easily by means of securing in roadside excavations and pouring with standard concrete mass. Column light weight is achieved with hollow design. Stain resistance and ductileness as well as low cost compared to concrete and iron columns are excellent characteristics allowing to opt for plastic bollards.
Traffic pollards are produced from ПЭНД-273-81 HDPE grade but there is also an opportunity to apply recycled material. Polyethylene properties ensure utmost elasticity and safety for car bodies in the case of running into bollard.
Bollards production by means of extrusion process has a set of advantages to injection molding such as high production efficiency, low product cost and capability to produce virtually any bollard element within the same line. According to many requests made by customers operating in road service, Polymermash Service has developed ЛДСПС extrusion line for traffic bollards meeting GOST Р 50970-96.
The core element of the line is represented by extruder equipped with barrier screw allowing to feed the melt in variable speed. Screw pair (screw-barrel) is nitrided and polished. Simple design of profile head and inner and outer work piece gauging in vacuum cooling bath make the line a sequence cheaper and more simple compared to foreign ones.
The bath is made of stainless steel and has two chambers. In the first one profile pipe is exposed to vacuum treatment with cooling water is fed from atomizing cone and in the second one vacuum maintenance and cooling are performed. Typically line efficiency is limited with gauging and cooling unit particularly when large-dimensioned products are extruded as in order to avoid deformations in pulling and cutting unit such products require greater cooling times. In the case of Polymermash Service lines vacuum cooling bath eliminates such problems.
The pulling two-belt unit is equipped with frequency converter ensuring defined profile pipe feed rate and original chucking device simulating pipe profile.
Bollards are cut with coldsaw. In the cutting process the saw changes its position along with the pipe and moves to original position when the cycle is finished. It results in cutting device is capable to operate both at right and any other predefined angle, cutting work pieces of 200 mm and longer kicking work pieces up to tray.
ЛДСПС line can be easily transformed into the line producing 16-110 mm plastic pipes which can be equipped with various molding tooling upon customer's request.

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Polymermash Service produces a wide range of extrusion equipment (extruders, lines for pipes, profiles, grids, pelletizing lines), plastics grinders, agglomerators, tools and spare parts and wood processing equipment.
Polymermash Service has been operating for 3 years but its specialists have great experience in the field. Own engineering developments based on domestic and foreign experience in plastics machinery allow to produce tailor-made equipment along with series products. TPE sealing profile producing line for Penza OOO Termodom, prismatic netted pipe producing line for Sterlitamak OOO Specremstroy, PE pipe producing line for Moscow OOO Fili-Plast – Polymermash Service sales geography is very extensive.
Polymermash Service products feature high quality and is manufactured in a relatively short time as the enterprise operates its own manufacturing base and highly qualified specialists.
Today the company finishes the production of line for corrugated texturized PP sheet production applied in landscaping. Company's development program for this year includes development and assimilation of twin-screw extruders production featuring parallel conical screws applied in uPVC profile lines as well as plain polysulfone sheets production line.

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