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Cost effective injection molding machines  #8 (90), 2010

AtlantHigh cost efficiency of molding equipment from Baranovichi-based machine engineering plant JSC Atlant is driven by not only energy efficiency but also a whole complex of indexes including raw material consumption per one article,  low requirements for auxiliary materials high productivity, absence of downtimes, compact dimensions, modern design, quality, reliability and high performance of injection molding machines

Clamping unit
Two-platen hydraulic clamping of JSC Atlant injection molding machines allows to cut operational costs as there is no necessity for constant control (every 60-80 cycles) and due to consistent lubricants at friction units of knuckle-joint system. Furthermore costs for lubricants themselves are eliminated (knuckle-joint injection molding machines depending on cycle speed require 600-900 kilograms of lubricant per machine).
JSC Atlant injection molding machines clamping unit features high reliability and service life. Clamping force is uniformly distributed in the entire clamping plate with hydraulic cylinders with every single tiebar operates autonomously avoiding deformation of both tiebars and molds.
Due to absence of constantly flowing consistent lubricant mold installation area is kept clean.
Controlled maintenance of precise clamping force during machine operation independently from mold heat expansion ensures careful functioning which is impossible on knuckle-joint machines. Combined with uniform mold load distribution it increases service life of expensive molds up to 20-30 percent.
Two-platen hydraulic injection molding machines are capable to utilize larger and heavier molds (the distance between hydraulic machines tiebars is 10-12 percent higher compared to knuckle-joint machine with similar clamping forces). Thus JSC Atlant molding machines opens up wide production capabilities.
Herewith mold quality requirements (precision of linear dimensions) can be decreased as hydraulic injection molding machines is subjected to lower wear when operating with molds featuring imprecise linear dimensions. For example when knuckle-joint machine operates with low-parallel mold its tiebars are exposed to different tension and probability of clamping unit breakdown is higher. Hydraulic machine compensates mold parallel misalignment as clamping force is generated with 4 hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic drive
JSC Atlant injection molding machines utilize delivery control hydraulic drive ensuring maximal energy efficiency (up to 30 percent compared to conventional scheme). The oil is fed in desired volume and pressure only when machine moves and during explosion to pressure oil feed is interrupted. This ensure increased hydraulic oil service life, minimal heating, lower costs for cooling water, variable adjustment of speed of every mechanism, stable movement speed independently from oil temperature.
Simplicity of hydraulic schemes lies in absence of additional hydraulic blocks required for controlling of pumps with similar design. Such blocks usually include up to 5 hydraulic units 2 of which feature proportional-type control.
Hydraulic drive for nozzle approaching motion and application allows injection molding machine to operate with hot runner molds as it is fitted with the unit ensuring nozzle application pressure release down to desired pressure (usually 5-20 bar) with no nozzle retraction. It ensures no deformation and displacement of sprue bush or nozzle and also avoids conclusions between mold and fixed plate.
Filtering system of process liquid installed in the injection machine hydraulic drive includes 10 µm drain and suction filters from Purolator and Rexroth with electrical contamination control sensors ensuring oil refining.
JSC Atlant molding machines are optimally balanced in terms of productivity and product quality. Pump unit installed at 125 tons clamping force machine ensures oil consumption up to 105 liters per minute and generates pressure of 250 MPa allowing to ensure optimal ratio between injection speed and pressure.

Control system
JSC Atlant injection molding machines are equipped with control system based on modern and high performance controller. Control software with Russian-language interface and intuitive icons is simple to operate and maintain.
Closed-loop control system with non-contact position sensors for all moveable assemblies, PID controllers constantly monitors all predefined parameters performs comparisons and automatic process corrections ensuring stability of technological cycle both for cold and hot (in operational mode) machine for both new and used injection presses.
All parameters are entered as absolutes. In order to control them there is a function for displaying temperature, pressure and speed graphs in terms of time and position. One can install 30% more injection machines of JSC Atlant instead of conventional machines with no need to increase power supply or expand production facilities. For example if a single production site operates 10 injection presses made in 1990s and older then it is possible to install 13 JSC Atlant machines or more with the same electrical supply.
It is a common mistake to apply outdated or low performance equipment which allows enterprise to get short-term returns but in terms of equipment costs only and leads to production of non-competitive products in terms of both quality and price.
JSC Atlant injection molding machines are designed and manufactured according to the most modern EU standards with 25-30 percent lower price compared to similar European machines.
Cooperating with JSC Atlant gives processors such benefits as complex solutions for any task, suggestions for material choice, tooling design and manufacturing, auxiliary equipment, handling of finished products, granulation of technological waste, injection machine supply as well as personnel trainings and servicing from a single hand.
Guarantee term for JSC Atlant equipment is 24 months.

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