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Gazpromneft: new oils for hydraulic systems  #8 (90), 2010

Nowadays Russian market is supplied with a huge amount of foreign equipment including hydraulic systems which are widely applied in industry, construction, transport and other fields including plastics processing. Recently hydraulic-based mechanisms started to develop dynamically imposing a range of new requirements for hydraulic liquids.

New quality standards
Nowadays hydraulic oils of ИГП series developed in 1970s according to AutoVAZ specifications are not capable to ensure operations of modern highly-loaded technological equipment. This is primarily due to their low thermal-oxidative stability and filterability. Cleanliness level of such oils (15-16 as a rule) does not meet the requirements for oils applied in high-precision equipment fitted with fine filters (3-5, 10-20 µm).
In order to ensure stable operation of technological equipment one requires hydraulic oils meeting with DIN  51524 Part 2 and ISO 1158 international specifications requirements and approved by the leading equipment manufacturers: Denison, Eaton Vickers, Cincinnati  Machine and Bosch Rexroth. Газпромнефть Гидравлик® and Gazpromneft Hydraulic® HLP represent precisely such oils. Gazprom Neft-Lubricants LLC produces those products with high-performance additives package and high-quality base oil of solvent refining containing low volumes of sulphur. The production process is performed at single blending unit equipped with modern two-stage filtering system (the first stage is 7 µm filter and the second one – 3 µm), capable to produce hydraulic oils of up to 8 cleanliness level according to ГОСТ
For reference table 1 contains requirements for hydraulic oils according to DIN
51524 Part 2 and ТУ 0253-053-00151911-2008.
As it is shown by the table, DIN standard defines viscosity for upper and lower temperature limit of hydraulic oil functioning while ТУ defines just viscosity at average operation temperature (40°С). Also DIN standard is more focused on antiwear oils properties (FZG test and impeller blade wear) while using ТУ lubricious property can be defined only indirectly (using zinc and sulphur content). Nowadays when zinc-free oils are in wide use those indexes are not adequate any more. Therefore a hydraulic oil meeting with DIN
51524 Part 2 standard ensures minimal equipment wear in the whole temperature range, compatibility with rubber seals, excellent filterability as well as high cleanliness level.
According to its functional properties Газпромнефть Гидравлик® oils meet DIN  51524 Part  2 and Gazpromneft Hydraulic® HLP overcomes the requirements of DIN  51524 Part  2 standard and are approved by specifications of Cincinnati  Machine  P-68, Р-70,  Р-69;  Eaton  Vickers 35VQ25; Denison  HF  0,1,2; Bosch Rexroth 90220 machines and also meet ISO 11158 (HM) specification.

Газпромнефть Гидравлик® series
Газпромнефть Гидравлик® series (VG 32, 46, 68) was specially developed for domestic equipment aiming to replace outdated ИГП series oils. It was proved with experiments that 70% of hydraulic systems faults were driven by poor lubrication oils. At the same time costs for oils represent insignificant share of overall costs for maintenance and replacement of out-of-service hydraulic systems units (3-5 percent). Substitution of conventional hydraulic oils of ИГП series with Газпромнефть Гидравлик® products allows to significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs.
The advantages of Газпромнефть Гидравлик® oils include:
– excellent filterability proved with experiments at 1.2 µm membrane according to the method of Pall company;
– unique antiwear properties ensuring increased service life of hydraulic system assemblies;
– improved thermal-oxidative stability as a guarantee for consistency of oils chemical composition all through their service life

Gazpromneft Hydraulic®  HLP series
Gazprom Neft-Lubricants LLC has developed a Gazpromneft Hydraulic® HLP (VG 32, 46, 68) series for foreign hydraulic equipment. The advantages of the series include:
– guarantee of absence of mechanical impurities in oils at the first operation stage and ensured 10 cleanliness level according to ГОСТ 17216 (8 level upon customer's request) when supplied in original packaging;
– opportunity to apply 4-6 µm filters in a hydraulic system;
– high antiwear properties tried and tested by leading global hydraulic equipment manufacturers.
One more significant advantage of Gazpromneft Hydraulic® HLP oils compared to foreign ones is price/performance ratio which compares favorably with foreign analogs. Amid crisis this advantage allows to significantly cut production cost.

Gazpromneft Hydraulic®  HVLP series
In 2010 Gazprom Neft-Lubricants LLC developed and launched two more series of hydraulic oils: Gazpromneft Hydraulic® HVLP and Gazpromneft Hydraulic® HZF.
Gazpromneft Hydraulic® HVLP hydraulic oils designed for hydraulic systems and drives of moveable and immovable plants drives operating in a broad range of temperatures both outdoors and indoors. They are produced using high-quality mineral and synthetic base components and high performance additives package ensuring high antioxidative, antiwear, antifoaming and demulsifying properties as well as excellent filterability. Due to application of state-of-the-art viscosity modifier with minimal tendency to oil destruction Gazpromneft Hydraulic®  HVLP products maintain consistent viscosity and temperature properties during the whole service life. There are five viscosity classes according to ISO VG 10, 22, 32, 46, 68.
Functional properties of Gazpromneft   Hydraulic ® HVLP hydraulic oils meets DIN 51524 Part 3; Denison HF 0, 1, 2; Cincinnati  Machine  P-68, P-70; Eaton Vickers 35VQ25; Bosch Rexroth 90220 specification requirements.

Gazpromneft Hydraulic®  HZF series
Gazpromneft Hydraulic® HZF hydraulic oils are produced with the most advanced foreign technology for production of zinc-free ashless oils. Those oils are designed for hydraulic systems of heavy loaded industrial and machining equipment including NC-controlled one, injection molding machines, moveable plants and sea vessels operating under high temperatures and pressures. Those oils are available in three viscosity classes according to ISO VG 32, 46, 68.
The main advantages of zinc-free hydraulic oils are:
– exclusive filterability even in the presence of water in the hydraulic system;
– high hydrolysis resistance;
– excellent corrosion resistance and anti-oxidative stability to non-ferrous metals and alloys thanks to well-balanced additives package and high-quality base oil;
– minimal tendency to formation of deposits at heated parts of hydraulic systems
– improved environmental properties due to no zinc in formulation.
Functional properties of Gazpromneft Hydraulic® HZF hydraulic oils meets DIN  51524 Part  2; Denison HF 0; Cincinnati Machine P-68, P-69, P-70; Eaton Vickers 35VQ25; Bosch Rexroth 90220 requirements.

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