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Atlant IMMs guarantee your profits  #10 (92), 2010

Objective of any company is gaining profit and companies engaged in plastics injection molding tend to purchase injection molding machines for optimal price achieving maximal cost effect. Such opportunity is offered by Belorussia-based injection molding machine and peripherals manufacturer JSC Atlnat

An injection molding machine should produce plastic articles of desired quality at minimal costs and ensure log-term profits (5-10 years). Consequently in order to get optimal ratio between profits and investments in production it is necessary to define the happy mean of injection molding machine price and quality.
Such parameters as steel quality, design and reliability of injection and clamping units, energy efficiency, reparability, and material consumption per one article define the volume of future profits for equipment owner. Furthermore cost efficiency is affected by article specific characteristics, output, tooling design and quality and peripheral equipment.
Adequately selected injection molding machine design and instrumentation can manifest themselves in economic effect. Precisely balanced characteristics of JSC Atlant injection molding machines, complex offering of individually selected machine, auxiliary equipment and tooling allow to gain maximal profits from utilizing our machines.
European plastics processors use the following formula for calculations of machine utilization ratio: Ng= (TB-TO-TT-TW)/TB, where Ng is a machine utilization ratio, TB is a nominal time common, TO represents downtimes due to organizational issues, TT represents downtimes due to equipment issues and TW is a maintenance time.
Considering an ideal situation with no organizational issues featuring technical problems only, it is clear that the less time is required for maintenance and repairs the higher utilization rate is. The modern design of JSC Atlant injection molding machines and high-quality components allow to apply the machines with utilization rate as high as 0.95 which is comparable to base rate of German machines.
Taking into account this ratio is largely affected by mold design and quality it is necessary to coordinate injection molding machine parameters and mold design when establishing the production of new articles. The most reasonable solution here is to cooperate with complex supplier of injection molding machines, tooling and peripherals (granulators, loaders, dryers, thermostats). It allows to get a warranty for all equipment as well as ensure required productivity.
The most of equipment operating at Russian and Belorussian markets has machine utilization ratio of 0.75 and lower. It means 25 percent of loading time is wasted for downtimes resulting in the main objective can not be accomplished. It is driven mainly by utilizing of outdated equipment which require frequent repairs as well as applying cheap and low-quality equipment.
The features of equipment selecting in Russia, Belorussia and other CIS countries is minimizing investment costs. Notwithstanding executives responsible for such decisions often do not take into account such parameters as resource saving, production facilities utilizing efficiency, matching of equipment and required tasks and safety margins.
According to the experience of JSC Atlant operating more than 100 injection molding machines and other enterprises engaged in plastics processing, the efficiency of production is defined by equipment reliability and throughput not price. Raw material costs account for about 80-90 percent of total product cost and equipment price does not exceed one tenth of the value.
Compact two-platen design of clamping unit, modern hydraulic circuit and energy efficient drive allow to install 30% more injection machines of JSC Atlant instead of conventional outdated machines with no need to increase power supply or expand production facilities. For example if a single production site operates 10 injection presses made in 1990s and older then it is possible to install 13 JSC Atlant machines or more allowing to achieve better results and higher profits.
JCS Atlant offers its customers complex solution for any task staring form suggestions for material selections, plastic part design, development and production of tooling, selection of peripherals (drying, blending, conveying) to handling of finished products, grinding of polymer waste and injection molding machine supply. Reliability and high machine utilization rate, modern design, high-quality components, proximity to customers, warranty and post-warranty service, own spare parts warehouse allow to accomplish the main company's objective with the maximal results. Complex offer of JSC Atlant meets the latest global both technical and economical standards and overcomes its competitors. Practical experience demonstrates that purchasing of cheap equipment offers only short-term profits eventually transforming into losses.
At the same time reliable and high performance JSC Atlant equipment allows to produce high-quality in a timely manner, efficiently manage production facilities and partner relationships which is crucial for business development.

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