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Electric machine for the price of hydraulic one  #12 (94), 2010

At the K 2010 show Haitian Group presented its popular molding equipment focusing on energy-saving injection molding machines. Company's willingness to provide fully electric machines for the price of hydraulic ones was considered as a sensation.

The fact of Haitian International Holding Ltd. and Zhafir Plastics Machinery GmbH businesses were developing rapidly during 2010 is not a surprise for the industry. Nevertheless the figures unveiled at the K 2010 press conference which was visited by journalists from the leading polymer media in the world were really overwhelming.
Compared with the same period in 2009 revenues rose by 135% to CNY 3,231.5 million (equating to approximately 373 million Euros). Sales in the Chinese domestic market went up in the first half of 2010 and now the Group continues to dominate in China with an estimated market share of more than 30% overall and of 70% for machines over 1000 tons.
The export business improved compared with the half year of 2009 by an outstanding 153% to CNY 792.3 million. In spite of the still difficult situation on the international markets this business continues to be 17% up compared with pre-crisis level.
So why Haitian became one of a few companies within the industry which managed to avoid crisis effects? Te reason is clear: Group's marketing policy which was announced by professor Helmar Franz, vice-president on strategic development at Haitian International Holding, relevantly meets processors' demands: "We provide processors with advanced molding technologies meeting their requirements at reasonable prices".
The demand for high performance equipment for lower prices is strong however only Haitian managed to provide the relevant solution.
One of the clear examples of the Group's trenchant sales policy is represented by supplying electrical injection molding machines Zhafir Venus for the price of European hydraulic ones.
Whether do customers vote for this advantage with their wallets? Undoubtedly: by now the company has already supplied more than 600 of such machines. And in order to simplify the "voting" process in June 2010 the company launched its European subsidiary Haitian International Holding — Haitian Europe.
"Advantage" is a key word for Haitian. It includes multitasking   (economic molding, standard demands, hi-tech), technological innovations and revolutionary pricing. At the K 2010 show this word found a new meaning within the GreenVantage concept which is focused on energy-saving solutions. Four injection machines were showcased on the exhibition booth with different levels of technology and application, which unifies the goal of saving energy in an extremely well, thought out way. In order to make an optimum comparison possible all four exhibits are being presented in the same clamping force ratings. 
The Mars Series is Haitian International’s best seller accounting for 65% share of the total sales.
A Mars/eco 1600/540, an economic version presented at the K produced a 300 ml cream-pot. The molded part was removed using a 3-axis robot.
Mars/eco makes competitive production of simple standard parts feasible for the processor: the Mars/eco yields a consumption of 0 liters of water and power consumption of 2.1 KW/hour. With regards to price the Mars/eco is placed approximately 50% below the conventional European hydraulic standard machines.
Haitian was also presenting the prototype “PA1600/570” at the K- Show producing the molded PA6-30GF part. The concept is relatively basic and simple: you take the excellent energetic properties of the “Mars” and combine them with more speed and precision. The machines of the series are equipped with 5-point knuckle-joint system as well as the new 2-platen clamping unit. The Pallas a consumes of 0 liters of water and 4.8 KW/hour of power – amounting to an energy savings of up to 70% compared with a conventionally hydraulic machine.
At the K show Zhafir Plastics Machinery   presented its fully electric model Venus 1500/430h with highly dynamic injection producing medical parts in HIPS. The features of the machine includes short response time (about 25 ms), perfect part weight maintenance. The specially developed high performance screw ensures improved homogeneity and stable material flow. The machine consumes about 4.8 KW/hour. The energy savings amounts to 70% when compared with a conventionally hydraulic machine.
The attention of booth visitors was focused at long-awaited premier – the new generation of Zhafir Mercury fully electric machines. At the K show the Mercury machine produced 750 ml PP MFR-70 cups with a cycle time below 4 seconds, including handling by a 3-axis robot.
With the Mercury the company wanted to keep track of more than just economic efficiency and productivity. In fact, everything that had gone before was to be questioned, rethinking the drive technology and control and get to the bottom of the mechanical sequences of an injection molding machine.
The new ties design resulted in 70% more mold area, the new and simpler toggle system increased operation precision and smoothness and the separation of plastification and injection provided an extraordinary high melt quality as well as higher speeds and more dynamic injection.
This machine consumes 16.6 KW/hour and allowed to save up to 50% in energy compared with the traditional high performance machines. It also consumes approximately 60% less water than the high speed European premium brands.
The Zhafir Mercury 550, 1000 and 1500 kN series will be available on the market starting 2011. One of the machines has been in practice trials since September 2010 at the site of packaging specialist SIM in France. "Thanks to the highly dynamic piston resolution on the injection side we were even able to somewhat reduce the injection speed. In contrast we usually run with our hydraulic high speed machines at the limit", Pascal Poussard, CEO of SIM France attests to the capability of the Mercury.
Haitian International is not going to rest on its laurels as according to Professor Franz, "due to the high demands and the global market trend the new technology could only be all-electric".

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