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The course of keeping ahead  #12 (94), 2010

JSC Kaustik (Sterlitamak), one of the largest domestic chemical enterprises keeping the second position on PVC production volumes in Russia, is at the top due to implementation of science-driven and energy-saving technologies, equipment modernizing and extending its product portfolio.

Raising of production capabilities
Finishing large-scaled reconstruction of VC-PVC complex in 2009 with production increased up to 200,000 tons per annum for 2.6 billons rubles Sterlitamak-based JSC Kaustik demonstrated its solid potential of increasing the supplies for global and Russian PVC market.
Today, when the demand for PVC overcomes the supply and the leaders of domestic chemical industry came into peculiar "capacity increase marathon" the dynamics of production upgrading is very important. Increased polyvinylchloride capacities and stable quality control allow the enterprise jointly with other domestic chemical market players make good the deficit of PVC which is currently compensated with Chinese imports.
Company's departments and experts are tackling the issue of further VC-PVC complex upgrading.
JSC Kaustik development concept till 2015 including further VC-PVC complex capacity increase up to 300,000-600,000 tons per annum which is being currently developed is completely depends on availability of ethylene in quantities adequate to new production demands. Nevertheless JSC Kaustik PVC capacities increase is very feasible with optimistic forecast. It is clearly understood by staff who arranges its resources for solving assigned tasks in the most optimal way.
Shareholders jointly with company's executives have equipped PVC technology and processing laboratory allocating more than 1.5 million euro  in order to tool it with the latest equipment meeting global standards which will be used for research and development of new PVC grades, cable plasticates and wood-polymer composites formulations.

Improving the quality
Keeping the adequate product quality level is of the top priority for all company's employees. Analytical Supervisory Authority at JSC Kaustik performs necessary subsequent quality control at every production stage starting from raw materials received by the enterprise to supplying finished products. Every quarter every department holds Quality and Technology Days. Annual quarterly JSC Kaustik business analysis in terms of compliance of produced articles to standards allows to generate quality plans and set prospective goals to beat the target.
The high quality of products is approved by code certificates (ГОСТ, СовАсК и ТЭКСЕРТ) and quality management system complies with ГОСТ  Р ISO 9001-2008.
PVC quality analysis is performed according to specifications (ГОСТ, ТУ) inclusive of customers' demands. The effects of emulsifiers, initiators and special additives on PVC properties are being studied.
At the late 2010 JSC Kaustik PVC technology and processing laboratory was approved with Federal State Institution "Standardization, metrology and certification center RB" which allowed it to perform arbitrary analysis and provide additional assistance to Analytical Supervisory Authority.
The PVC production facility reconstruction in 2009 with introduction of new technology for continuous initiator dosing allowed to acquire products with improved morphologic properties and heat and color stability. Nowadays the company conducts researches in order to further expand its product portfolio.

"Polymer" communication
In order to follow market dynamics and acquire information concerning latest competitors' and partners' achievements the leading company experts visit industry forums on a regular basis. For example senior engineer at JSC Kaustik, Feodor Afanasyev took a part in VIII international conference "PVC. The year results", which was held on December, 1st, 2010 in Moscow. On March 2010 he also visited VII Moscow international chemical summit.
Deputy technology and development senior engineer, Rail Fatkullin and chief of PVC technology and processing laboratory Raylya Nafikova took a part in "Innovations in PVC stabilizing" conference in September 2010 in Turkey at the behest of event organizers: Reaktiv and Akdeniz Kimya.
A year ago Raylya Nafikova visited the PVC heat stabilizers plant in Lingen, Germany, at the behest of Baerlocher GmbH.
Such visits, negotiations and discussions at trade shows allow JSC Kaustik employees compare partners' achievements with own ones complying with global industry demands and approve the adequate selection of growth direction.
Rail Fatkullin said: "We are looking for Interplastica 2011 show with a great interest. The problem of insufficient quantities of raw materials appeals to every PVC producer. However every enterprise tries to solve the problem by concluding long-term contracts and successful negotiations. As I think Interplastica will demonstrate some kind of cut-off of such arrangements as well as the whole achievement range of our partners and customers.

Qualified staff
Well-thought employees motivation to optimize workflow plays an important role in organizing high-quality and smooth business activities. Intercorporate trainings, bonus payments system, professional competitions promote increase of labor quality for every employee and harmonious workflow for the whole team.
Annually the enterprise holds professional competitions for operators, laboratory assistants, instrumentation and controls mechanics, electricians, equipment mechanics, ellectrogas welders and maintenance fitters. In 4-th quarter the company organized additional trainings for polychlorinevinyl resins house workers in order to improve their qualification. In 2010 the leading JSC Kaustik experts, production center chief, Elvira Minnihanova and deputy chief of polychlorinevinyl resins house were recognized as winners of All-Russian competition "Engineer of the year".
Sergey Podtsepnyak, deputy senior engineer for major construction and repair works, was awarded with the title of "The best production employee of Sterlitamak" according the results of large-scaled VC-PVC complex reconstruction.
Raylya Nafikova and Lyudmila Mazina have defended a doctoral dissertation in PVC technology and processing and their developments have been successfully implemented in PVC production process.
Nowadays the company employs two Doctors of Science and ten Candidates of Science. 300 employees actively participate in rationalization activities. During 2009 and 10 months of 2010 38 innovation proposal were implemented, 12 patents were acquired. The total economical effect accounts for 21.5 million rubles.
The tasks for 2012-2015, set by JSC Kaustik bring new opportunities for Russian plastics market development as if the issue of raw materials is overcame, qualified personnel operate efficiently and permanent quality control is performed then customers will get guarantees of stable supply. Well-thought and calculated strategy, investments, high performance equipment and experience exchange ensures dynamic production increase which is highly demanded for chemical industry development.

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