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Rapid's recycling philosophy  #12 (94), 2010

Innovative approach to recycling equipment design demonstrated by Rapid Group at K-2010 show is driven by increased interest to plastic waste processing technologies and extending life cycle of polymer articles.

For Rapid Granulators first time at K was in 1967. At?this point it displayed a couple of machines on Swedish?injection?moulding machine company Akesson stand. The fair was a great success why Rapid made an agreement with a German distributer who was then representing and exhibiting Rapid during K-1971 (It was 4 years between K-fairs at that time).  Since K-1975 Rapid has exhibit under own name and this will of course be the case K-2010. This means that Rapid this year will display machine during K for the 14th time.
The K-show is a real Rapid family event where   all  representatives  around  the world  and  Rapid  staff  get  together  as  a big family. K-2010 was a fantastic show for Rapid and the company had more or less the same amount of reports compared to 2007 (which was a record year). The company sold every single machine it had in the booth. The total of about 70,000 Rapid grinders successfully operates worldwide. The viking party performed at the Rapid Group booth on one of the show days contributed victorious feelings of company's employees in the best way possible.
Rapid sees a huge interest in plastic recycling. Plastics processors start to understand that recycling is a very important step in the total production process in order to be competitive and generate profit. The advantages of the process include very short return on investment (ROI) and growing prices for raw material.
The new tag line, “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle” greatly reflects the base of all company's solutions. Rapid is engaged in size reduction of any waste type with innovative equipment: shredders and granulators. Reuse – an important method to capture the value of effectively processed scrap materials as savings can be realized in purchases and disposal costs. Recycle – the process of taking a product at the end of its useful life and using part of it to make another product. 
The quintessence of such approach is represented by innovative recently developed Open Hearted granulator concept. Rapid presented complete Open Hearted product line at the K for the first time. Open hearted design provides direct access to the heart of the machine – rotor and cutter house. That is very important when switching to another material or maintaining the equipment. Such design concept allows to cut labor expenditure for non-productive operations by up to 50 percent!
At the K show Open Hearted 600 granulator attracted a great attention from visitors. It is one of the largest granulators available today including various know-hows, i.e. patented mineral-composite machine base which provides it with extremely low centre of gravity and absorbs vibrations as well as availability to be operated by a single person.
It was the new granulator of 6000 series that was installed in the painting and final inspection area of the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. The first requirement to be met by Rapid was to design a granulator that would be capable of being fed with up to three scrap bumpers at one time and grinding them in one step into low-dust regrind of defined size. While meeting the automotive manufacturer’s high safety standards, the granulation equipment also had to be integrated in an existing production hall without any constructional modifications. Volkswagen was perfectly pleased with the implemented solution: "Rapid mastered the big challenge we had come up with and supplied a granulator tailored to our needs at a perfect price/performance ratio".
Another interesting exhibit at the K show was represented by Rapid guillotine G10 intended for extrusion lines with thickness up to 6 mm. Such units operate at two different Swedish companies and both are very satisfied with the performance, low energy consumption and negligible maintenance need. Stromsbruk runs two G10’s traditionally with a belt conveyor collecting the trims. At Electrolux plant the Rapid G10 guillotine put “on top of” a150-35 granulator to save valuable floor space. To get a simple evacuation of the units a single hopper loader with mixing valve is used. When the level indicator is activated, the hopper loader empties the granulators’ granule bins.
150-21 DeltaTech granulator from Rapid also demonstrates excellent results. The machine was installed at the facilities of Candiani Spa, one of the leaders in manufacturing of Luxury packaging for cosmetics in order to recycle this material inline beside press. Company's experts made several not successful tests with different competitor granulators, having problems with melting material Thanks to fast-paced recycling ensured by Rapid granulator it became possible to significantly cut drying time from 6 down to 2 hours; furthermore the Rapid equipment allows to prevent contamination. Until now Rapid has delivered 6 units of this type.
Nowadays in Russia Rapid provides its complete product and service portfolio through its distributor Formet Plastic Machinery in Nizhnij Novgorod.

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