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Temperature control systems from Novaya Orbita  #3 (97) 2011

Novaya Orbita presented at Interplastica 2011 show its high performance equipment for cooling, heating and temperature control. General Director, Vladimir Kosenko spoke of the company's operating fundamentals in his interview to Plastiks Magazine

– Mr. Kosenko, could you please provide us with an overview of the company's history?
– Novaya Orbita was established in 2003 and is engaged in developing, mounting and supplying of heating, cooling and temperature control equipment for industrial processes. Since the very beginning we were marketing ourselves not as just equipment suppliers but as a professional team providing complete service range from project preparation activities to technical support for our solutions. It is important for us to bear the responsibility for our projects, meet and shift the expectations of our partners and customers. For example our first system designed and assembled in 2004 for JSC Novomoskovsky Trubniy Zavod is still operating.
– What is your supply specialization?
– A production process is associated with temperature changes for equipment, tools, mechanical and hydraulic drives as well as raw materials, semi-finished and final products. Our company offers an optimization of production process in terms of cooling, heating and temperature control systems power consumption. We supply high performance temperature control systems from Italian an German manufacturers (Frigel Firenze, GC-heat); furthermore we produce components of European quality for hot runner systems by ourselves.
As I stated before our service range includes a whole package of activities associated with the specific solution or system and those services are provided with European technical level in our mind as our standard. This meets the quality of service distinctive to our suppliers and represents our main advantage compared to the most of our competitors which allowed as to gain respect from our European colleagues.
Our solutions have already made a good showing at Russian market due to their reliability, long service life, cost effectiveness and sustainability.
– What products do you provide for plastics processing industry?
– There are a plenty of items including heaters, temperature sensors, hot runner systems, cooling systems, temperature controllers, filtering nozzles etc. When importing products we devote great attention to harmonizing two interrelated parameters: the demand and the quality. In other words those products are required to be demanded by market players and feature functional and operational advantages and perform in a stable and reliable way.
We do not produce and do not supply cheap and non-durable solutions which provide cost saving for customers when being purchased but make them to pay off during their operation. Our company offers unique, high performance and reliable equipment which even if cost more allow to save a lot of funds when being applied in production.
– What main trends in temperature control equipment and hot runner systems would you like to mention?
– These trends are dominant not only in plastics industry but in modern economy as a whole. I mean energy saving and sustainability. These concepts have been developed greatly in Europe and are being taken into account when setting the whole production model. They have been considered in Russia as well but local technological base is somewhat lagging. You must admit that it is hard to produce high performance and sustainable items with energy savings and no environmental impact while using outdated equipment. Unfortunately domestic producers still are not capable to provide European-level solutions and that is why we are dealing with foreign suppliers.
– What exhibits presented at the Interplastica show drew the most visitors' attention?
– We brought at the show Turbogel local temperature control plant, Microgel local cooling temperature control plant with two circuits, temperature controllers by Germany-based Feller Engineering and Italy-based Ascon&Tecnologic. Further more we were demonstrating a wide range of heaters and temperature sensors from the leading European brands. A special interest was shown towards temperature controllers of our Italian partner, Frigel Firenze, which represent an integral part of Ecodry innovative system. The system optimizes the cooling process allowing to reduce energy consumption and cycle times greatly providing customers with very significant advantages. It is time for savings thanks to innovating solutions rather than waste money for outdated equipment harming the environment.
– What are the development plans for your company?
– They are quite simple. To work without a respite. To improve our professional experience, acquire new design know-hows and successfully apply them. To contribute in domestic production development, promote sustainability, advance and implement new technologies. After all the things we would be able to pass to future generations depend on how do we work today.

Business Card
Novaya Orbita LLC manufactures effective heating, cooling and temperature control systems on the base of innovative European equipment from Frigel Firenze SpA and GC-heat Gebhard & Castiglia GmbH & Co. KG for industrial processes.
The company represents a dynamically development structure with a robust business reputation and engaged to keep the highest quality level for its products and services making the requirements for its activities more and more tough.
Novaya Orbita markets itself as a socially and civically responsible enterprise. Implementing innovating technologies in domestic production and providing sustainable solutions the company contributes to global development and upgrading of Russian economy.

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