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Original plastic products presented at Techosnastka's corporate booth at Interplastica 2011 drew great visitors attention. Director General, Iliya Antonov, in his interview to Plastiks Magazine speaks of how are unique solutions being developed and what are the company's plans for future

– Mr Antonov, you are the founder of Techosnastka. What did it start from?
– Generally all changes in our lives are driven by circumstances. For me such circumstances were represented with incapability to further implement scientific projects as scientific programs in Motor-Building institute where I was working were curtailed on the one hand and possibility to choose my life by myself basing on my knowledge and experience on the other hand. It so happened I had to engage in production of polymer articles. At first we created scientific cooperative society of three persons and produced plastic buttons for clothing and turbo compressors for diesel engines. We were also in mould repairing and then purchased some used injection molding machines and started to produce polymer articles. One of the first our products was cup-and-saucer set which is still produced and demanded by people.
We were processing new orders and started to supply automotive components for OAO GAZ, OAO Moskvich, OAO SeAZ, OAO Avtoagregat and many other enterprises. We also produced a wide range of consumer products such as houseware, garden tools, sport inventory and home decorations.
That is how Techosnastka established in 1989 virtually out of thin air, Techostnastka has grown into modern high performance closed-loop enterprise producing attractive, reliable and sustainable products demanded both at domestic and foreign market.
– What are unique characteristics of your products?
– We develop and produce unique products for construction industry, filters for gas and coal industries, molds for medical products and many others. Our product range has been including more than 5000 items for a long time and keeps expanding. I do believe plastics application areas are unlimited and they can be used to substitute wood and metal in many cases.
Our products are certified, sustainable and friendly. I.e. it is comfortable to use, durable and will not harm users' health. Most of them are produced from food-grade polypropylene from OAO Moskovskiy NPZ.
It is not coincide Techosnastka is in registry of natural and safe products manufacturers. Since 2000 we are the every-year winners of Sustainable Products international award and the quality of our products was distinguished with gold medals!
In the near future we will expand our transparent polycarbonate product portfolio. This material features unique consumer properties: dishware made of it is visibly similar to glass one but has higher strength and withstands temperatures of -100°С to +150°С. Surely in order to provide such products we use special technologies, molds, and materials which we still had to purchase abroad. All these factors affect to product costs. However we are sure it would be in demand as some times such products are essential for everyday life. All abovementioned can be attributed to antibacterial plastic dishware with argentums ions, special coils and labels for wires which are produced by Techosnastka.
– Your developments include even a motor vehicle made of plastic. What has become of it?
– We developed a midget car under Pchelka (Bee) code name jointly with OAO Avtoagregat. It turns out to be comfortable and inexpensive and features modern design. For interior we used unique for Russia technology of gas-dynamic impact. By the way, Pchelka still holds 5th position in global rating of the most original motor vehicles. The car has severe technical characteristics for his class. It acquired highest grades from visitors and experts of Autoshow-99 international fair. Spanish representatives had bought 150 cars at once.
Unfortunately we were unable to establish series production of the car in Russia. We still grudge not for funds or energy we spent but for those who are now unable to buy it. And those are modest and handicapped people for the first.
– As a matter of fact the bee is a company's logo, a symbol of its products, isn't it?
– Yes and that is no coincidence. The bee reflects hard worker qualities; it produces unique products. By using its image in our products we show our will to generate value for people. Nowadays this symbol is wide-known both in Russia and some CIS countries.
– How does the company achieve such high quality level?
– First of all the quality depends on technologies. Some of them we have "spied" abroad and some are of our own development. The second success factor is equipment. We do not scrimp and purchase the most advanced equipment at the market according to our lights. Employee qualification, from designers to developers of new molds and programmers, also contributes quality greatly, let alone raw material quality. The key factors of establishing plastics production facilities are mold-making. Thanks to the latest technologies and software, high-precision foreign equipment, metal-working machines ensuring micron-scale precision, our experts are capable to manufacture molds meeting the toughest international standards.
– What was an effect of global financial crisis for the company?
– First of all, supply volume and structure have changed. While just recently our plant was specializing in automotive products, nowadays when many car-makers have suspended their operations we are have to reduce the share of automotive components to minimal values and focus at consumer products. We could provide automotive components for foreign car-makers having Russian plants but till now they have been using their own products.
Surely there is always a demand for various industry-specific products but under current conditions production cutback can not be avoided which leads to subsequent profit loss.
I believe our main goal at the current stage is retaining our staff and avoiding massive lay-offs of our 300 employees.
– It is your third term of office as a member of legislative assembly at Moscow's Nizegorodsky district. What is your gain from your community service?
– My satisfaction from helping people to solve their problems and get the justice. Moreover this activity allows me to be aware of all problems in the district, assist in solving them and perform charities more effectively. The charity work has been appearing at our enterprise for a long time. We decided to spend 10 percent of our profit, tithe as it was spoken in times of old, for charities. And this is not to be subjected to rethinking notwithstanding crisis conditions.

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