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Polyurethane in the car suspension  #7 (101), 2011

Almost 20 years of work with the modern polyurethane elastomers let S.P.B. Co Ltd the opportunity to accumulate substantial experience, to analyze and generalize the practice of the PU usage in manufacturing of the automotive components. Nowadays one of the promising application of polyurethane elastomers in automotive industry is the production of silentblocks’ repair kits for cars and trucks

Typically rubbers of various types are used as elastic elements of vibroinsulators and silentblocks. The matter is that they are not always having the required properties, like mechanical strength, durability, resistance to environmental conditions and technological characteristics, whilst the usage of polyurethane meets the highest demands in terms of reliability and durability.

Polyurethane successfully replaces rubber of different grades (and in some cases, metals) due to excellent wear-resistance, acid-, oil- and gasoline-resistance, high dielectric properties, as well as capability to work at high pressures (up to 750 atmospheres) in a wide temperature range (from -70 to 110 °C). Special adhesives provide reliable bonding of polyurethane with metal.

It is known that the average lifetime of even high-quality rubber joints with heavy use of the vehicle is 8-12 months. Polyurethane in suspension of the car serves 3-5 times longer. Thus, the use of polyurethane parts in the vehicle suspension at a price equal to the cost of rubber “original”, lets you essentially save on car repairs. When the worn silentblock is replaced only in assembly with lever, rod or shock absorber the production of polyurethane silentblocks becomes even considerably cheaper.

Currently S.P.B. organized a short-run production of the elastic hinge repair kits both for cars and trucks of either import or domestic production; a finished-products warehouse is formed.

The production of S.P.B. Co Ltd has proved itself good on the aftermarket for repair and tuning of vehicles’ suspension. For many years the company successfully cooperates with service centers Spin-Line, Avtonavigator, Bomba-service, Baltic-Avto, EvroAvto, Gregory's Cars, automobile sales centres Avto-Center Marshall and others. Numerous positive comments about the company’s products on the automotive forums of St. Petersburg and Moscow are the evidence of this.

At a moment at the company’s warehouse there’re more than 10 thousand parts for more than 30 brands of cars and trucks, including Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Great Wall, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota, Scania, Xovo. Practically entire BMW model range is covered - from e30 to e70. The assortment of the S.P.B. products is replenished every month.

S.P.B. Co Ltd releases monthly up to thousand bushings of shock absorbers for trucks of Ultraline carrier company and restores up to hundred trucks suspension elements (e.g. jet rods, bushings, pads) to private customers, and also carries out orders for repair and restoration of tourist buses’ suspensions for the company Davranov travel.

S.P.B. is the official supplier of polyurethane silentblocks for several models of VAZ for Samara company SS20, that sells more than 2 thousand units per month throughout Russia.

Since 2011 production of S.P.B. is in a wide range presented in online auto parts shops like,, and others. S.P.B. cooperates with a number of prestigious service centers where polyurethane auto parts can be installed at a discount.

In the vehicle suspension components from polyurethane (silentblocks, bushings and pads) are used more than 20 years but are not yet widespread due to economic reason: products from polyurethane are more expensive and complicated in manufacturing. In the last time on automotive sites the following proposition can be met more and more often – for car owner ‘twill be cheaper to buy material himself and make the necessary suspension components on one’s own. Indeed, there are PU materials that can be processed in handicraft manner to obtain a wide range of products from moisture-resistant and electric insulating coatings to expensive large-scale models of cars and trains. At the disposal of S.P.B. specialists there’re also a number of such materials, capable for being used both in elastic and rigid moldings. However, the strength characteristics of these materials are incompatible with the ones that can be applied to vehicles.

In manufacturing of silentblocks or other elastic elements of suspension, S.P.B. uses two-component PU of hot polimerization Duothane, for which the molding process presumes the usage of special furnaces and high-tech casting equipment.

Despite of spurious simplicity of Duothane processing some strict regulations must be followed in imperative way. These concern preparation of equipment, rigs, fittings and material components for casting, polymerization, and continuous quality control. Even slight deviation in regulations causes a seemingly invisible structural damage of product material, and even more frequently - a loss of adhesion to the reinforcement, which adversely affects the performance of the product and leads to its rapid failure.

With a large production throughput a special casting equipment allows to reduce the cost of parts. For over 15 years S.P.B. delivers to Russian market casting equipment for processing of two-component polyurethane elastomers. At different times these were the British piston machines from Liquid control of economy-class and the Smart casting machine by S.P.B. For several years S.P.B. Co Ltd supplied consumers with the French equipment of business-class from Baule.

Having got invaluable experience in production, operation and maintenance of such equipment, today S.P.B. works with the Austrian company Polytec EMC, the supplier of business-class casting equipment. These machines are highly reliable, unpretentious in maintenance and are recommended for round-the-clock production process.

For the single- and two-shift production cycle that is typical for majority of companies dealing with manufacturing of automotive components, the wide popularity today enjoys the CR-47 machine from the Turkish company Cersan Makina. Via refinement and partial alteration the machine can be adjusted to a very economical mode of irregular castings. With this the machine demonstrates stability over the entire work shift, can be easily readjusted and is characterized by repairability.

Application of proposed by S.P.B. equipment enables optimization of technological process and ensures the quality of manufactured products provided their required amount.

The specialists of S.P.B. are carefully tracing the tendencies in transport techniques development, responsibly treat the fulfillment of orders, always accomplish the given quality requirements. All released products are regulatory compliant and certified in 2010.

Today S.P.B. is interested in expansion of sales and offers to service centers and car owners its services in production of silentblocks, shoes, bushings and other rubber-metal automobile parts from polyurethane.

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