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Electrics from TOYO: for the first time in Russia!  #11(105), 2011

Since 2010 via its official representative - the company Plastar - the TOYO Machinery & Metal Co., Ltd., member of the Japanese Hitachi Group concern, started selling its equipment in Russia and CIS countries

As a recognized world leader in production of all-electric injection molding machines, TOYO Machinery & Metal Co., Ltd. newly entered the market of Russia and CIS countries and is little known to the Russian customer. However, on the global market TOYO has been working for already 86 years and is rightfully within the leaders amongst competitors.

Founded in Japan in 1925, in 1959 TOYO started production of injection molding machines for plastics. Today the plant of TOYO is located on Honshu island in Akashi, close to Osaka and Kobe. The latter is one of the main ports of Japan. The total plant area is 90 thousand m2. The production site of TOYO is a set of shops and engineering and technical departments, providing a full cycle of design, manufacture and assembly, including a permanent quality control at all stages of production. International TOYO - is a net with tens of sales offices, agents-distributors and service centers in Europe, Asia and North America.

Just TOYO is a pioneer in mastering of production technologies of IMMs with electric servo drives. Having started their production in 1985, TOYO all these years constantly works on improvements of this type of equipment. Currently the company is the recognized world leader in production of all-electric IMMs and offers the customers the machines of already fifth generation. The product range includes horizontal injection molding machines of Si series of small and medium-power, of EM series of high-power, of SI-RW series for the two-component molding with rotary table, and also vertical IMMs of ET series, having different variants of location of injection unit and locking mechanism.

Electric IMMs of Si-V series have a wide range of clamping force - from 30 to 850 tons. Due to cutting-edge technologies used in development of this equipment, the latter can break preconceived ideas on the process of injection molding and on organization of molding production.

The optimized V-shaped clamping unit of knuckle-joint leverage, developed by TOYO together with the University of Kyoto, directs clamping force to the center of the mold that leads to a uniform distribution of clamping pressure across the whole surface of tooling, favouring the high casting quality and high performance with minimal rate of defects, which is especially important for high-speed casting.

Wide plates in combination with V-shaped clamping unit provide enhanced machine scalability: design with extended distance between columns spares time of mold installation, as well as removes limitations in mold design.

High-speed and high precision injection improves the quality of casting:
 - quick ball-screw drives provide high-speed thin-walled casting;
 - injection unit is equipped with guides with a low friction coefficient, hence the spread of the back pressure can be reduced by half compared to conventional injection unit;
 - mechanism of double nozzle contact prevents deflection of the still plate and minimizes fluctuations of columns weight, caused by the movements to open-close the mold.

A number of screws developed by TOYO technology with the use of through heating technology of material cylinder, will satisfy the most diverse requirements for plastics processing.

Controller System-500 provides increased operational flexibility in the management of quality control, namely the continuous programming, instant access to any screen, flexible adjustment of process parameters.

The original network management system T-station, designed by TOYO, will bring any molding production to a new development stage. T-station via server is capable to remotely monitor operation of 32 IMMs. In standard configuration machines of Si-V series are supplied with necessary software and interface for integration into T-station system.

On every IMM of the Si-V series any of available for this model injection unit (from 4 to 5) can be installed with combination of screws (from 3 to 4 sizes). Besides, to ensure different injection rates machine can be additionally supplied with corresponding units, including the superspeed one - with a rate up to 1000 mm/sec. Thus, all combinations of injection units, screws and other devices provide either a wide range of casting modes, or special modes of molding to fulfill specific tasks, that the customer is facing. The customer gets a ready-made injection molding machine with a programmed specialization, that can be used for:
 - casting of articles of general purpose;
 - casting of articles with minimum cycle time (high-speed casting);
 - processing and casting of parts of special purpose from special plastics;
 - casting of thin-walled articles;
 - casting of high-precision parts.

While using all-electric IMMs, the special attention must be given to energy consumption. The Russian customers of TOYO could be already proved in practice that the real energy savings can reach from 30 to 60 percent compared with hydraulic machines. At current prices for electricity it is easy to count up a considerable economic benefit caused by use of such equipment.

Much attention TOYO experts are paying to close cooperation with renowned Japanese and international companies - developers of innovations in the field of injection molding. Delivery of turnkey production cells, including injection molding machines, molds, peripheral equipment, robots with in-mold technology and other devices let the TOYO customers to substantially save time required for search, ordering and delivery of high-performance and qualitative suites of equipment.

The TOYO staff are the highly skilled workers, constantly improving their skills in a special company's center. Therefore, each word in the motto of TOYO - "Quality - in every detail" - is supported by business: professional knowledge and skills in the field of injection molding.

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