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Tehosnastka resolves any problems  #11(105), 2011

JSC TZK Tehosnastka for already twenty years successfully develops and manufactures molds for casting of plastic products of any complexity, permanently introducing innovative technologies. That became a matter of this  interview to Plastics, given by the company CEO Ilya Antonov

- Ilya Markovich, manufacturing of equipment is a long and laborious process. What is the production volume of your company?
- Indeed, it takes for us from two months to half a year to fabricate a mold. Design the mold, prepare design documentation, order standard blocks and steel for mold-shaping ones, fabricate the latter, carry out thermal treatment, assemble mold, test it – all these require time and considerable efforts.

In a year we produce about 100 molds on order and 50 - for production of plastic products of our own. Applicability range of our equipment is very wide: articles of domestic and industrial use, components of building constructions and furniture. Say, in the beginning of this year we got an order from JSC Veresk on the molds for plastic elements of  Swedish wall units – skirtings, plugs.

With special interest our developers regarded design of equipment for the parts of toy weapon with a laser beam. I must say that the arms theme is very attractive and promising for us, since replacement of metal by plastics in this sphere is now very popular.

Generally speaking, fabrication of any mold is to considerable extent a creative challenge, which our engineers cope with honour.

Each our mold undergoes rigorous technical control at production and trials on the IMMs of the customer, only then a warranty is given, confirming its high quality and reliability.

- What is the “recipe” for manufacturing high-quality molds?
- High-class experts, advanced computer modeling technologies, materials of high quality, high-precision metalworking and cutting machinery – all these Tehosnastka has in full.

We have a good tool school, a unique team originating from employees of the former tool shop of AZLK plant. They are the specialists with a vast experience in this area, majority underwent additional training on the enterprises in Japan, France, Italy, and many of them are hereditary toolmakers.

Metal for molds we order from the recognized authorities in this field – the companies Fodesco Mak and Schmolz + Bickenbach AG, at that we use not only steels but also beryllium bronze, non-ferrous metals. The components we use are mainly European, hot runner systems – from the companies DME Europe, Thermoplay S.p.a. and JSC AB Universal Engineering. Metalworking and cutting equipment we buy from the Japanese Mitsubishi Electric and Israili Hanita.

At the moment we have installed eighth machining centers, two electroerosion machines, one wire-EDM center, as well as all the necessary metalworking equipment that allows us to fabricate equipment of any complexity and size.

Surely, in the tool production we observe continual changes – there appeared machining centers and electroerosion machines of the new generation, more advanced components, improved materials, new thermal treatment technologies, spraying is applied to increase durability of pushers, bushes, columns. We follow all these innovations and implement them as far as possible in our production.

 - Please, tell us about your achievements in production of molding equipment.
- Always strive forward, permanently master the new technologies - that’s the principle of TZK Tehosnastka concerning all our activities, including tooling production. Among the first in CIS we have mastered manufacturing of hot runner molds. Were the first who started production of molds for gas injection moulding, and brought this technology to the highest level. The uppermost factors for this method are the enhanced strength and stiffness of the mold, therefore special requirements are imposed on the durability of shaping and working surfaces, on execution precision of the locking systems; thorough organization of intense and uniform cooling of forming surfaces is needed.

Especially far we have come in production of molds for thin-walled products made ??of polycarbonate. Transparent as glass, durable and lightweight, this plastic is widely applied today to manufacture tableware, medical articles. More than 20 years Tehosnastka manufactures lighting articles from PC for automotive industry.

Our experience with polycarbonate multiplied by the desire to obtain thin-walled products with a high pouring coefficient (the ratio of the distance between melt injection point and product edge, to the wall thickness of the product). As a rule, this factor does not exceed 50; for thin-walled products it must be around 100, but we could bring it to 280! In our opinion, that is a technological breakthrough.

Thin-walled castings can save quite expensive raw materials, thereby significantly reducing the price of the product while preserving its functionality. At that it should be borne in mind that in manufacture of molds for casting products from polycarbonate special materials are used, special surface treatment and thermal treatment are necessary, special requirements are imposed on hot runner system.

We had to work a lot to produce tooling for casting of, at a first glance, a simple product – mud excluding mat made of PVC. To make this form, it was necessary to ensure the accuracy up to 1 micron, as the product is thin-walled and of a very elastic material.

One of our recently executed orders – multicavity molds for casting of caps for aerosol cans on the all-electric IMM. The specificity lies in fact that the electrical – i.e. fast – injection molding machine requires stronger mold, with a short molding cycle. We have provided a cycle time of 7 seconds for the 4-celled and 12 seconds for the 16-celled forms.

In our arsenal there’re molds for molding products of abrasive material - glass-nylon composite: in our production we produce from this plastic filter elements for the coal industry.

We have also mastered the technology of casting with embedded elements - produced the appropriate mold for furniture bracket.

There are virtually no unresolvable tasks for us. We undertake any orders and cope with them -
due to high professionalism of the staff and the use of advanced technologies.

Interviewed by Oxana Jarun

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