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IMMs from Jon Wai – reliable and effective  #11(105), 2011

The Taiwanese company Jon Wai Machinery Works Co., Ltd., having 30 years of experience in development and production of injection molding machines, offers a wide range of IMMs and complete production lines for manufacturing of variety of products from plastics

Its first injection molding machine Jon Wai Machinery Works has constructed in 1971. Today in the modern workshops with an overall area of more than 10 thousand square meters the company annually produces more than 1,000 molding machines with clamping forces from 60 to 6000 tons, capable to provide the product release weight from 100 grams to 35 kg. Special series of IMMs have been developed for production of PET performs, for the two-color and – what is especially important for the packaging market - high-speed casting of thin-walled articles (with a parallel movement of several parts of machine during a casting cycle).

Injection molding machines can be supplemented with any standard peripherals provided by Jon Wai Machinery Works, sufficient to meet production needs.

Together with its partners – the companies Hahn Automation Inc. (Germany) and Aytek (Turkey) - Jon Wai Machinery Works offers a complete solution of any problems of the customer, up to construction of turnkey plants.

Due to continuous technological investigations carried out by the company, Jon Wai Machinery Works has established itself as a leader in innovations among IMM manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Production is certified according to ISO 9001.

A few years ago the company was one of the first that released energy-saving injection molding machine; nowadays Jon Wai Machinery Works produces energy-saving IMMs already of the second generation. These machines allow to save up to 65 percent of the electricity and proved to be reliable and qualitative equipment. Starting next year, this option will be made standard at the company’s plant.

Paying much attention to price-quality ratio, the specialists of Jon Wai Machinery Works have attained that the payback period of every released IMM is less than a year. It is also worth noting, that to date the equipment produced by the company in 80s of the last century, runs worldwide without loss of performance.

Besides saturating of Taiwan market, Jon Wai Machinery Works has a long and successful story of exporting its equipment into 71 countries around the world. In fifty of them the company has offices and service centers. Today it is the only Taiwanese company, which molding machines are assembled in Europe, Asia and Japan by OEM technology.

In Russia the company is represented by JSC “Creative Machines and Accessories” (Moscow). Highly skilled managers of the company help to choose the IMM that exactly matches the customer’s goals, consult the customers on technological process parameters and necessary peripherals, so that machine could work with highest efficiency.

The company management considers the Russian market as very promising: during the last 5 years about 300 molding machines of Jon Wai were delivered to different enterprises. These machines can do everything – from the cases for TVs and household appliances and up to disposable tableware.

Representation of the company has a show house with installed Jon Wai machines with clamping forces from 120 to 1200 tons. Here the specialists of the customer are trained on IMM servicing, consultations are given, various technical seminars are held.

In the plans of Jon Wai Machinery Works – not only the improvement of equipment being manufactured, but also the further expansion throughout the world, including Russia and CIS countries, opening new representative offices and service centers.

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