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Universal compounds from Menzolit  #12(106), 2011

One of the leaders of the European market of premixes and prepregs, the Menzolit company, due to developed dealer network offers its products in the BRIC countries and worldwide. Soon the company plans to start production of compounds in Russia, as in an interview to Plastics said the Menzolit S.r.l. MD Michael Polotzki

 - Mr. Polotzki, what is the history of Menzolit? What grades of your product range are unique?
 - The Menzolit company was founded in 1953 in Metzingen (German-speaking Canton of Zug, Switzerland). It was the first European company that started production of the polyester glass coupled compounds - premixes (BMC) and prepregs (SMC) - for a wide range of applications. Since 2009 the company affiliates with a product group Senata, comprising a number of companies engaged in production of composite materials and manufacturing products from the ones.

Menzolit produces a wide range of high-tech press and molding compounds, based on polyester and vinyl ethereal resins (SMC, BMC, DMC, HPC). As unique I would attribute the following grades: HPC, filled with continuous glass fiber and giving the products the highest mechanical properties; SMC 0430 of low density, which provides an excellent surface quality of the car’s viewing details; SMS 2600 with a low surface resistance for antistatic products; BMC 1400, notable by endurance to aggressive mediums and high temperatures and designed for manufacturing of under hood parts, and many others.

 - Tell us about scopes of application of premixes and prepregs. In what cases these materials become irreplaceable?
 - The main consumers of our products are the enterprises of automobile and tractor and electrical industries. Of premixes and prepregs the species and structural elements of the cars and trucks are made: cab parts, cowl panels and boot lids, footsteps, reinforcing boxes, oil baths, covers of cylinder block heads, structural and acoustic insulation. The largest products of SMS weighing up to 36 kg are the roofs of tractors and other farm machinery. The sports cars Ferrari, Maserati are outfitted with the parts from SMS that significantly reduces investment and operating expenses, while ensuring the highest surface quality, mechanical strength and safety.

Possessing a unique set of insulating properties and high fire resistance, our materials are indispensable in electrical engineering, where they are conventionally widely used for manufacturing of various case parts, insulators of low and medium voltage, contact holders. In the last time due to the new developments of Menzolit, our premixes are more and more frequently used as replacement of aluminum in production of high-precision parts of under hood space: cases of throttle gates and pumps.

 - What are the competitive advantages of Menzolit?
 - We offer our customers the complete spectrum of technical and technological support – starting with selection of the type and composition of material and up to process technology in production, give recommendations on design of molding tooling, provide trials and certification. Considerable advantage of Menzolit for our customers – like global corporations Siemens, Bosch, Daimler – is our ability to supply clients with the material of the same composition and quality in various countries, especially in BRIC ones.

 - How the company is represented in Russia? Tell us about the plans to promote Menzolit products and services on the Russian market.
 - Currently Menzolit carries out direct deliveries of materials from its European plants. In realization of our program of market expanding and involvement of Russian clients we are actively assisted by our Russian partner – JSC Exponenta from Tver. Taking into account the dynamic development of Russian market of compounds and driven by the goal to reduce charges for our current and future customers we are currently concluding negotiations on the establishment of production of SMC and BMC in Russian Federation. Hopefully, since 2012 Menzolit materials will be produced also with “Made in Russia” labelling.

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