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Sterlitamak Kaustik sums up  #12(106), 2011

For the Sterlitamak JSC Kaustik 2011was difficult though successful since was marked by several momentous events in development and bringing to a stable operation of the high-tech and modern productions of VC-PVC and caustic soda

Kaustik concluded on mutually beneficial conditions a long-term contract on supply of ethylene with JSC Gazprom Neftehim Salavat. It helped the enterprise to reach the full capacity of PVC production already in beginning of June 2011. Nevertheless the dependence on “ethylene ring”, owned by JSC Nizhnekamskneftehim, reduces the effectiveness of the company and affects its degree of freedom. Construction of the own ethylene pipeline will allow to “somehow avoid” the
monopoly of reseller. Commissioning of the pipeline Salavat – Sterlitamak will ensure supply of ethylene at a rate of more than 20 tons per hour instead of 12.5 tons, which the company now receives.

For another meaningful project - reconstruction of production of solid caustic soda to increase capacity up to 50 thousand tons per year – installation and precommissioning have been completed. The essence of know-how lies in strengthening of liquid caustic by evaporation in a contact vaporizer with the use of obtained on the plant high-purity hydrogen and oxygen, that would eliminate emissions of organic substances, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Total investments in this project amounted currently to 135.6 million rubles.

Successfully develops the process of entering the market of WPC (wood-polymer composites) - a universal material with unique consumer properties that combines the strength of plastic and appearance of wood. In the developed WPC formulations the company’s technologists laid environmentally friendly calcium-zinc stabilizing complex. Since the beginning of small-scale production the WPC recipe, protected by the two patents of Russian Federation, was subjected to additional modifications – to adapt for consumer extrusion equipment.

JSC Kaustik is now ready to launch a plant for industrial production of WPC, as the stage of pilot experimental-industrial trials at potential customers has succeeded. The company carried out the run-in of laboratory equipment of 1.5 million euros value for investigations of WPC and analysis of the new PVC formulations. It is now used in full, allowing the company’s specialists to improve production technologies and formulations’ series of produced WPC and PVC.

JSC Kaustik is an enterprise with historically established traditions, characterized by severe requirements to product quality. Special attention is paid to compliance with State Standards , compliance, rigid adhearance to technical specifications and staff qualification, including the ones related to environmental protection from the impact of chemical production factors.

One of the environmental problems was associated with purification of sulfate brine generated in production of the caustic soda. The effective technology of its processing is accomplished, and within the first three quarters of 2012 it will be introduced, that will provide not only environmental but no less significant economic effect.

In March 2011, JSC Kaustik once again confirmed the high level of responsibility in environmental protection, having got the certificate of compliance with international standards ISO 14001:2004. For the first time compliance certificate was received in January 28th 2008, and in January 27th 2011 the document was re-registered by Bureau Veritas Certification. Validity of this certificate lasts till January 27th 2014. In early December of 2011 there was the first and successful supervisory audit after certificate renewal.

Environmental security is stipulated by innovative solutions in energy-supply and industrial automation. The company’s main activities in this direction were carried out during the renovation of the VC-PVC production complex.

For the perspective a variant of construction of the own source of electric power and vapor is being worked out. At present enterprise pays power consumption expenses via automated information-measuring system of collective electricity accounting, named Teleskop, which in turn brought some cost savings.

In May 2011, JSC Kaustik was included in the National Register “Leading industrial enterprises of Russia-2010” and was awarded with corresponding certificate.

Social orientation of enterprise is estimated as high. Flexible system of bonuses is invented, professional training of the staff is held on continuing basis – only in 10 months of 2011 the company invested in this sector more than 9.9 million rubles. On provision of labour protection and industrial safety about 2 million rubles were assigned. Social support of large families, lone mothers and children of employees is continuous – they are assigned material aid. Veterans are paid quarterly and one-time financial assistance through non-state pension fund Promregion (10 million rubles for 10 month in 2011 were spent). The founder of the fund is Kaustik.
According to the clauses of Collective bargaining agreement special evenings are organized (for veterans, foremost workers, etc.) timed to holiday dates, ceremonial events, etc. Say, for veterans to their anniversaries 219 thousand rubles are assigned, vouchers to preventorium Olhovka are accommodated for 5.4 million rubles (for pensioners they are for free). Active sponsorship is an inherent constituent of the charitable activities of the managing shareholders. JSC Bashhim that affiliates Kaustic, only for the purchase of sporting equipment for Sterlitimak schools  transferred in 2011 five million rubles, and for town pensioners to the Day of Elderly - 3.94 million rubles.

JSC Kaustik is with confidence ranked among the leading companies in industry. Skilfully applying the advanced practices of governance, management focuses on long-term development and implementation of large-scale and effective investment projects.

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