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Reliable IMMs from Holland  #3(109), 2012

Visitors of Interplastica-2012 could get acquainted with the IMMs of the Dutch company Stork Plastics Machinery BV, which presented its products in Russia for the first time. On the possibilities provided by this equipment, the head of technical department of the company Johan Fisser talks to Plastics journalist

 - Mr. Fisser, your company has a long history. What is its structure for today?
- Indeed, the Stork company was founded in the Dutch city of Borne in the faraway times – in 1850, and was sequentially engaged in production of steam, diesel engines, turbine pumps. Founded in 1968, Stork Plastics Machinery initially manufactured IMMs under the license of the US Reed company, but by 1975 had developed its own series of injection molding machines.

Nowadays the entire production and research company’s activities are focused in a new site in the Dutch city of Hengelo. Commerce and service departments are located in Germany and France, the rest of the countries are served by regional agents.

 - What range of injection molding machines do you offer your customers?
- The company’s product range includes three lines of equipment. The main series STORK S+ includes high-tech hybrid injection molding machines with clamping forces from 100 to 2400 tons, which are primarily used for manufacturing of thin-walled products in short casting cycles. Modular design and multiple options allow also to apply these IMMs to production of complex technical products with long cycles.

The STORK T series is comprised of two-plate IMMs with clamping forces from 800 to 3000 tons. In machines of this series the advanced solutions are used, including the ones that originated in the company, so that these IMMs fully comply with the requirements of the XXI century.

The newest series that was presented for the first time in 2012, namely STORK E, is composed of all-electric IMMs with clamping forces from 100 to 440 tons. This equipment has a high level of energy saving, is reliable and suitable for any type of product.

 - What makes your products competitive?
 - Injection molding machines from Stork Plastics Machinery are known by high speed and reliability. All our customers have requirements of their own, and we have to meet them all in the equipment to be delivered. Machines’ range provides ample possibilities of optional implementation with the aims of raising speed, lowering power consumption, changes in clamping force or inter-column distance.

Trying to ensure maximal product reliability, the company nevertheless always cares about due service. Any equipment of Stork Plastics Machinery is involved in the maintenance program that allows to resolve any problems that emerge in a quick and effective way.

 - What goals have you pursued, taking part in Interplastica-2012?
 - First of all, it is geographic expansion. So far as our customers gradually transfer production to Eastern Europe, we also increase our presence in this region.

At our booth we presented the equipment of the STORK E series, and also our IMM with the new energy saving options - STORK S+.

We are currently examining the opportunities that could be afforded on Russian market. Having got at Interplastica-2012 questions and suggestions from potential customers, we’re conducting required negotiations. Russian market is interested in turnkey solutions, and Stork Plastics Machinery is capable to offer them.

Interviewed by Oxana Yarun

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