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“Desire for innovations” develops the market  #3(109), 2012

Vasily Novoselov, General Manager of JSC Windmoeller & Hoelscher East, speaking about participation in Interplastica believes that the number of contacts is undoubtedly meaningful, but their quality is more valuable – as the equipment of this German company deserves a thorough and lively talk

 - Vasily Nikolayevich, to what extent Interplastica – is your exhibition?
 - We take part in this exhibition every year, Interplastica for us is the Russian analogue of the K trade show in Duesseldorf. Interplastica is the largest site in CIS where we can present the complete range of Windmoeller & Hoelscher equipment: extrusion, printing, facilities for production of consumer and industrial film and paper packaging.

 - With what achievements W & H met Interplastica-2012?
 - 2011 became the record year for the company: turnover has exceeded all previous figures. The year has passed under the auspices of the machines for gravure printing - a very sought-after area today, though in Russia the most successfully sold sector of equipment is, surely, our extrusion machinery. This is primarily due to the development of markets of plastic films and flexible packaging. Russian oil-refining companies strive for deeper conversion of raw materials: a vivid example here - the development of the Biaksplen company. More and more the consumer pays attention to the quality and prime cost of packaging, forcing processors to implement new technologies and purchase the cutting-edge equipment. Localization process of the foreign film production in Russia - is another reason why W & H equipment is purchased.

 - What can the customers expect from you and what you can offer them?
 - Those processors are coming to us, who want exclusive, new solutions, tend to stand out in the market, ‘cause competition is gaining in intensity. Everyone wants his product to have better quality when production cost is steadily declined and the sales grow by at least 20 percent per year. Equipment of Windmoeller & Hoelscher provides such an opportunity - to be ahead of everyone.

Behind us - 140 years of experience in designing of equipment for packaging market, we have operating showroom in Germany, where the customer can try film formulations, including trials on his own raw stock. You should agree, that’s a unique advantage.

The motto of Windmoeller & Hoelscher – “Desire for innovations”. Therefore 8 percent of the company’s turnover goes to research and development, and we have so large engineering staff. Our customer gets more than just machine, but magnificent design implementation, based on innovative development and ensuring production of high-quality films with maximum capacity and minimal waste.

 - In what areas today the equipment W & H is of special demand?
 - These are the most promising for today markets in Russia: industrial packaging, films for lamination, shrink and stretch films, barrier and protective films.

Being an innovative company, we have to not only meet demands of today, but also anticipate requirements of the future. The mass market needs large production volume? OK - a new powerful cooling ring Opticool from W & H essentially increases the unit capacity.

Our new family of blown film lines Aquarex uses so-called “upside-down wet” principle with extremely fast water cooling – on such lines film of stunning transparency and flexibility can be produced in industrial volume.

PVC is gradually prohibited in production of infusion packages? OK - W & H offers sets for production of PP-films with high transparency – rigorous alternative for production of packages of this type.

 - I know, you have started to offer Russian customers a completely new service ...
 - Yes, W & H offers in Russia services on cleaning of blown heads via special tooling. Extrusion unit requires cleaning once a year or year and a half, but it’s a very exquisite thing that can be trusted only to professionals.

Interviewed by Anna Vilens

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