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New colour measurement technologies  #3(109), 2012

This year’s spring X-Rite Pantone offers new tools and software for plastics processors, aimed for precise colour measurements and transfer of corresponding data between manufacturing sites to enhance processing efficiency

The companies-partners X-Rite Europe GmbH and Pantone LLC will present at the trade shows Plast-2012 in Milan (Booth B108 in Hall 11) and RosUpak-2012 in Moscow (on the booths of companies-partners Terra Print Trade and Lab-depot) the new technologies of colour measurement that plastics processors can use daily to exchange colour data between manufacturing sites around the world, which in turn leads to reduction of rework and scrap and improvement of quality.

X-Rite Pantone specialists will demonstrate technologies that plastics manufacturers serving the automotive, durable and small appliance, office furniture and home improvement industries can use to precisely control the colour of their products.

Highlights of products to be exhibited: a new viewing cab SpectraLight QC, spectrophotometer Ci52 and new colour inspiration and matching tools from Pantone LLC.

Pantone will demonstrate how the new polypropylene samples - Pantone Standard Chips, facilitate the precise colour communication and control of colour in plastics manufacturing. The chips represent a catalogue of how the colours of Fashion + Home and Pantone Plus series appear when rendered in plastic, along with corresponding pigment formulation and spectral data. Spectral data from the Pantone colour libraries can be downloaded into X-Rite instruments and software to build marketplace presence with consistent matching colours. Designers, manufacturers and specifiers can use the chips as a way to coordinate the colours of plastic products with different materials used in making finished goods.

The spectral data of the color Pantone libraries can be loaded into the X-Rite instruments, and used to create large-scale production without differences in color between the parties. Designers, manufacturers and developers can use this directory to coordinate the color of the polymer product according to the materials used to produce finished goods.

The new viewing cab SpectraLight QC makes it easy to effectively evaluate whether the products obey the customer’s specification (and expectations) in colour and appearance under daylight, incandescent, fluorescent and other illumination conditions. SPL QC provides the most accurate simulation of the daylight among similar standard-sized viewing cabs, whilst the SmartLogic technology increases efficiency, speed and accuracy of colour estimates.

The Ci52 spectrophotometer provides accurate and reproducible data on samples that widely vary in size, shape, texture and opacity. The measurements obtained via Ci52 are fully compatible with the ones derived by other X-Rite instruments, like portable spherical spectrophotometers SP60, 62 and 64, and can be integrated into unique shared database.

X-Rite will also present a full suite of non-contact solutions for colour measuments. The newest model of the VeriColor Spectro series, namely handheld VS450 spectrophotometer, can provide the accurate colour quality assurance from a distance of about 38 mm, making it possible to measure wet surfaces.

X-Rite helps its customers to streamline their workflows also by means of its software package NetProfiler, capable of verification, optimization and certification of handheld and desktop spectrometers located anywhere worldwide, on a regular basis. With the new NetProfiler 3.0, the customers can calibrate spectrophotometers in design departments, on factory floors and in test labs to a single virtual standard, ensuring that colour measurements taken at distant locations are accurate and reliable throughout the complete supply chain.

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