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Finnish moldmakers – to Russian business  #4(110), 2012

Joensuu Science Park provides a link between Finnish and Russian manufacturing companies and expert organizations, working inter alia in the field of plastics and rubber processing. One of the objectives of Joensuu Science Park – simplify to processors from Russia and other CIS countries the access to achievements of Finnish moldmakers and make international cooperation the most efficient

Joensuu Science Park
Joensuu Science Park Ltd. was founded in 1990 in eastern Finland. It enters the Finnish technology parks association TEKEL, which in turn is a member of international organization IASP. The two main spheres of the company’s activities are the expert services and the ones on rental of premises. In the first direction the company offers a complete package of services to intensify the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises and the development of innovative solutions, namely:
 - designing of business development strategy;
 - training and professional development of staff;
 - development of information and communication technologies;
 - services on organization of business incubators;
 - favour the access to international markets.

Activities of Joensuu Science Park in international cooperation (e.g., educational-developmental program Experts for Renewed Business) is financed by European Social Fund.

Joensuu Science Park is working with companies involved in casting, tooling, plastics processing, machining, nanotechnologies and photoelectronics, wooden construction, modern bioenergetics and forest technologies.

Joensuu Science Park acts as an intermediary while establishing contacts, setting-up business relationships and organization of the partner network. It helps Finnish companies to start work on the Russian market and renders them comprehensive support from the very first stages, say, supplying them with information about business peculiarities in Russia. To fulfill this activity with maximum efficiency Joensuu Science Park is constantly looking for the new Russian partners. The company’s staff include employees having good Russian, that greatly facilitates interaction between Russian and Finnish business.

Plasthill Oy is engaged in manufacturing of innovative polymer products and composite materials based on natural fibers. The company specializes in injection molding processes, and already more than 15 years produces technical parts and household products. Among the own company’s production some deserve a special noting: coils of the eco-friendly materials, trays of Kaarna® material and composite Kareline® materials, comprising natural fibers.

Materials under the brand Kareline® provide processors with ability to produce injection molded or extruded products that comply with all current environmental regulations. Composite materials of the third generation have a number of useful properties, some of which are absolutely unique. Besides, Kareline® can be easily optimized for the being applied to final product requirements.

Plasthill offers a range of services including product design and development of molds, pilot trials of molds and materials, supplying of molds and Kareline®, as well as serial production of articles.

The Toolman Oy company was founded in 1986 and is located in the industrial complex of Outokumpu. Production facilities cover an area of 2.3 thousand m2. The company’s turnover with the staff of 30 employees, totaled 2.8 million euros in 2011.

Toolman specializes in manufacture of tooling for deep drawing and die-cutting, molds for injection molding and stamping, and also tools for precise machining.

The company is a supplier of tools for professionals working in different industries. Toolman applies a quality management system that accords with ISO 9001:2000, and also takes care of environmentally friendly production.

The company works with Russian companies for already several years and is looking for opportunities to expand its business in Russia.

Muottituote Group
Muottituote Group Oy is a family company, founded in 1973 and specializing in manufacturing of high-quality and technically advanced hot runner molds for casting of plastics articles via injection molding. Two company’s plants are located in Finnish towns of Rauma and Joensuu.

Regular customers of Muottituote in Russia are the companies from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Finnish moldmakers note, that Russian clients are already well aware that the high-quality mold is a guarantee of continuous trouble-free casting process, and continually place in Muottituote their purchase orders on manufacturing of the most complicated hot runner molds for casting thin-walled packaging containers or precisely accurate articles and medical equipment of plastics.

Fodesco Oy manufactures a variety of both unified and specialized elements of molds and dies for instrument manufacturers and is a subcontractor for processors of plastics, rubber, nonferrous metals, as well as for companies engaged in metal working

Fodesco’s plants are located in Kontiolahti (Finland) and in Tver (Russia). In Tver is also located the head office of Fodesco-Russia company.

Fodesco-Russia produces mainly components of the groups E, K, N, H, L and Z. The guaranteed accuracy of processing parts is ± 0,010 mm. Fodesco-Finland and Fodesco-Russia work together in supplying parts for customers in Europe, Russia and the former CIS.

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