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Molding and tooling: technological novelties  #4(110), 2012

Economic success of the enterprise depends not only on efficient equipment and raw material quality, but also on the accuracy and reliability of the tooling used to handle molds in injection molding process. About the components necessary to create well-functioning tooling – read in our regular heading. Want to tell us about the technical achievements of your company - please write to

Revolution in process control

Guangdong Kaiming Engineering Co., Ltd. - one of the largest enterprises in China, for already
several decades specializing in the design and manufacture of injection molding machines for various applications. Machines of the new KX series are equipped with revolutionary control system

Having its own iron and steel production, Kaiming can provide the highest quality of machine’s major constructional elements at all stages of their manufacture. The use of modern imported components provides a high technical level and reliability of the machines. Production area now is 50 thousand m2 and will be expanded. At present Kaiming’s sales increase by 30 percent annually due to advanced technologies applied and a stringent quality control of produced IMMs.

Energy-saving injection molding machines with servo drive of KX series are designed in accordance with the requirements of modern economics: power consumption of these machines is times less in comparison with classical IMMs. The machines’ running-in and testing is carried out within 48 hours.

The control scheme of hydraulic actuator of the KX-series machines is revolutionary. A command from the computer that controls IMM operation enters the frequency regulation unit, which in turn controls electric motor (rotary speed depends on molding task). The motor turns the pump supplying oil in machine hydraulic system. Upon reaching the desired pressure in hydraulic system the frequency unit stops the motor or executes reverse. As a result, power consumption of Kaiming machine with frequency regulation unit is essentially lower than of similar IMM equipped with hydraulic drive of the classical type.

 “Reinforced” temperature sensors

Priamus System Technologies AG presents the new - reliable and efficient – mold surface temperature sensors with a hardened sensor front

The Swiss company Priamus System Technologies, headquartered in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), is the pioneer of mold surface temperature measuring technology for the injection molding process. Founded in 2001, today the company has subsidiaries in Germany and the United States, branch office in Japan and representative one in China. Its dealer network covers 18 countries.

Apart from cavity pressure sensors, the highly sensitive, quickly responsive cavity temperature sensors are the better choice for use in numerous process control applications based upon melt front detection, like automatic opening or closing of valve gates. Placed flush with the mold surface, cavity temperature sensors ascertain the arrival of the melt front within milliseconds, outputting the melt front arrival signal instantaneously to a controller.

Priamus cavity temperature sensors have been redesigned and optimized for abrasive processes. This new cavity temperature sensor type includes a hardened sensor front. Applications involving resins with a high percent of chemical additives or fillers would greatly benefit from the new Priamus cavity temperature sensor durability and superior performance in these harsher environments.

Precision and control with Husky systems

The company Husky Injection Molding Systems showcased at NPE-2012 its latest technologies in the field of hot runner systems and controllers, that allow processors to produce higher quality parts with greater speed and efficiency

“Hot runners are almost the most sophisticated components of an injection molding system and have a direct impact on the parts’ quality and profitability of production”, - said Martin Baumann, Husky’s Business Manager on Hot Runners. “Our new technologies for hot runners and temperature controllers lie within company’s mainstream objectives – to develop innovative melt delivery systems that can reduce or even eliminate instability of production process.”

Husky’s UltraSync technology provides shot-to-shot and part-to-part consistency due to precise closing of valve stems. As soon as the allowed minimum nozzle spacing is 18 mm, UltraSync is ideal for high-precision molding of small parts. The unique plate actuation mechanism requires the lowest amount of maintenance of any product in its category. Besides, the wear is practically eliminated by the use of bearings for moving components. UltraSync technology is implemented in the three hot runners’ options: electric UltraSync-E, hydraulic UltraSync-H and pheumatic UltraSync-P.

Husky’s Ultra SideGate hot runner technology allows molders to direct gate parts that traditionally would require gating with a cold runner. It is an ideal solution for deep draw parts such as pipettes, syringe barrels and other smaller parts where quality and gate vestige are critical. The design of Husky’s side-gating solution is among the simplest in the industry and
allows for a single-piece cavity in the design of the mold, resulting in easier integration, improved cooling and more consistent, high-quality parts.

By direct gating parts with Ultra SideGate, molders can achieve resin savings, faster cycle times and improved performance across a wider temperature range. Ultra SideGate allows for high cavity molds while maintaining a small mold base and easy access to the individual nozzle tips without having to remove the mold from the press. Additionally, Ultra SideGate does not require a pre-programmed start-up and shut down sequence, thereby allowing it to be run by a traditional temperature controller without the need for additional software and hardware.

At the NPE-2012, Husky also exhibited a range of Altanium temperature controllers that provide the industry’s most accurate temperature control. Equipped with intuitive, touch-screen interfaces and Active Reasoning Technology to help remove variation from the injection molding process, Husky’s Altanium temperature controllers are able to provide two to 254 zones of control. Altanium controller cards are interchangeable across the product line, providing consistent performance and simplified spare parts management. This year later, the company will be introducing the next generation of Altanium temperature controllers that will take the next step in further system integration and melt stream control.

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