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Modifiers of the new generation  #8(114), 2012

Kaneka and Cristal Global – what unites these two world-known brands, supplying staple components of mixtures for production of window profiles, windowsills, claddings? First of all, the highest quality. And – not least – on the Russian market their products are presented by a group of companies United Trading System (UTS, ETC in Russian abbreviation)

UTS Group, being an authorized distributor of Kaneka, supplies multiple modifiers: of impact strength, processability and etc., including world-famous MBS modifiers.

Impact strength modifiers are presented under the brand name Kane Ace™ via FM and UF series.

Products of the Kane Ace™ FM series have passed a certain course of development, and now they are ranked high among the most effective acrylic modifiers for production of durable PVC articles for outdoor use. These modifiers keep leading positions due to their outstanding mechanical properties, wide range of processing technologies and excellent weather resistance.

Kane Ace™ UF - is a new generation of modifiers with remarkable combination of impact strength and gloss, excellent production properties and low cost.

Application scope of FM and UF series - production of window profiles, claddings, sheets.

A group of modifiers Kane Ace™ PA (processability modifiers) – is a modern line of additives, which essentially improve processing of PVC compositions, providing enhanced control over the PVC melt flow. Application scope of these products - production of a wide range of products, such as profiles, films and sheets, articles of foamed PVC, pipes, bottles and casting products.

More than 30 years of experience in development and application of MBS modifiers made the Kane Ace™ B impact modifier just the standard on the market of such products (Kaneka maintains about half of the global market share). Optimized set of modifiers is designed to meet special requirements in production of various products of rigid and semi-rigid PVC for indoor use, regardless of whether extremely high impact strength is desired or high transparency. Commonly, these modifiers are used in production of sheets, films for food packaging, bottles, blister packs, tubes and fittings.

For PVC processors the UTS Group offers also titanium dioxide Tiona 168 of Cristal Global. Tiona 168 - is a chloride pigment of increased steadiness that provides exceptional weather resistance together with good optical properties and ease of processing in lots of polymer systems. This product is recommended for use especially in a rigid wear-resistant PVC.

The advantages of this grade:
 - exceptional weather resistance;
 - steadiness of the stabilized via lead PVC to the gray tint appearance;
 - high spreading capacity and intensity of pigment;
 - neutral tone;
 - good dispersion.

In addition, UTS Group markets a chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) of Shandong Rike Plastic Co. (China). CPE 135A differs from all other grades of chlorinated polyethylene produced by Chinese companies-competitors, by its higher quality. Say, as is confirmed by tests – elongation coefficient at break reaches for CPE 135A up to 1100 percent (for other grades - 700 percent). As for dosing – the required quantity of CPE 135A is 10-20 percent less as compared with grades of other manufacturers.

Purchasing products of the listed companies, processors also get a guaranteed high level of technical support provided by UTS Group. Our specialists are ready to assist both in selection and optimization of formulations and in adjustment of process conditions at the customers’ enterprises.

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