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Extrusion of sheets for optical application  #8(114), 2012

Breyer GmbH develops, produces and supplies complete extrusion systems worldwide for over 60 years. The core products from Breyer are the film and sheet extrusion lines, especially for optical applications

Breyer has over 40 years of experience in processing of clear materials like PMMA and PC, developing and supplying lines for sheet production. To date the new ideas of LED lighting require crystal clear sheets with perfect surface structure and highly efficient light transmission. Such sheets are in great demand in production of excellent modern flat displays of LED TVs, desktop monitors, mobile phones, iPods, iPads, etc.

For economic production of crystal clear sheet for LED lighting application, Breyer has developed a new line with integrated inline imprinting system. The latter allows to apply special structure to extruded sheet, which in turn ensures higher light efficiency. That means more and better distributed light by less energy and is a matter of innovative technology.

Conventional modern lines have the imprinting implemented as a standalone operation, which requires more complex handling of the sensitive sheet. Besides, the type of the structure being applied to the sheet, is limited. The experts of Breyer have removed these limitations.

What is common for Breyer lines? - High quality, efficiency, productivity, and – not in the last turn - the user-friendliness, both in operation and maintenance.

Among the key developments that became standards for the lines of Breyer, the following are of worth mentioning:
 - efficient ventilation systems with lowered power consumption;
 - melt pump control system, hastening the line start-up and reducing energy and material expenses;
 - melt bank measuring systems for faster setup of the sheet thickness;
 - calender with solid calender rolls, electronic gap control for changing thickness via button touch, inline adjustment of the flatness, etc.;
 - new generation of circular saws, working with minimal noise;
 - automatic sheet stacker.

All these advantages allow the company’s customers to produce top-notch sheets for the most sophisticated final products, including LED-screens.

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