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Oka-Polymer invites residents  #12(118), 2012

The Industrial Park Oka-Polymer affords exclusive opportunities in founding new polymer and processing productions and helps to resolve all basic problems that emerge while launching new business

Oka-Polymer industrial park offers great opportunities to establish new plastics and processing facilities and is ready to deal with all the key issues of its residents.

In June 2012 in Dzerzhinsk (Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia) the Industrial Park (hereafter - IP) Oka-Polymer has started its operation. Its area exceeds 300 hectares, and the total floor space of buildings and constructions is above 500 thousand m2.

Oka-Polymer effectively uses available resources after the closure of obsolete productions. These are not just buildings or access to various (natural, energy, etc.) resources, but also services of the managing company. Maintenance of the site, security, freight services, nutrition of staff and much more – about all these the IP managing company will take care for the resident.

The key advantages of Industrial Park Oka-Polymer include:
 - destination of the IP land plots is an industrial land;
 - all the necessary juridical conditions for rapid launch of production are created: processes of negotiating with various departments and administrative authorities are tried out, assistance in supervision of compliance with the standards and requirements to industrial objects is afforded;
 - for IP residents buildings of various types are available: administrative, production, warehouse;
 - engineering infrastructure has substantial margin of power;
 - managing company provides services, which list is constantly expanding.

Benefits for business
Residents of the IP Oka-Polymer get meaningful benefits while organizing production.

The main point, very likely, is the provision of all kinds of energy and other resources, and with a large margin. This is of particular importance for resource-intensive productions (Table 1).

IP has a favorable geographical location as it is located next to the federal highway M7 and close to Nizhny Novgorod (43 km). Within a radius of thousand kilometers reside more than 80 million people, what means proximity of market outlets. IP territory is crossed by several branch railways, and the capacity of the nearby railway station is more than 200 vans per day. In a 15-minute drive from IP there’s the RS where Sapsan (high-speed train, routing Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod) makes a stop, in half an hour - the international airport Nizhny Novgorod.

Residents get a unique opportunity for quick launch of the projects – in 11 working days new resident can start activities on rented sites. The IP policy is at most flexible: it is possible both to buy-out existing buildings in ownership or build new objects.

Services of IP allow residents to focus on the main job and hence – be more efficient. The base services – the access control, staff nutrition, cleaning of territory and its guarding – are available already now. Besides, IP has its own Design and Construction Center, which specialists can work out for residents the necessary design-and-estimate documentation for the new construction, expansion, reconstruction, modernization and renovation of existing facilities. In
future the list of services will be expanded.

Economic effect
With the filling of Industrial Park the residents could make advantage of cooperation with other companies-residents, up to constitution of technological chains. But that’s the matter of future, whilst reduction of costs due to lower expenses on maintaining infrastructure - roads, communications, buildings – take place just from the first workday of residents.

All systems of maintenance engineering are on the balance of IP Oka-Polymer, that ensures stable supply of residents with resources.

It must be interested for PVC processors that in the neighborhood to IP (59 km) the PVC production complex is located. The latter belongs to RusVinyl Ltd., being a Russian-Belgium (Sibur-SolVin) enterprise. For productions dealing with PVC as a raw material, this implies the essential savings on logistics.

Beginning of partnership
Business proposals of IP Oka-Polymer might be of particular interest for enterprises of small- and medium-scale, engaged in processing of PVC, plastics, petrochemistry, petrochemicals refinement. However, advantages of working at the IP site can find beneficial also the companies in other industries.

Signing agreements of intent with the first residents was held in September 2012 at the International Business Summit in Nizhny Novgorod. They became Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant (KZSK) and the company Boryshev Plastic Rus, supplier of Volkswagen AG. Total investments in organization of these productions will exceed 1 billion rubles (over $ 33 million). KZSK plans to develop production of ethylene chlorohydrin, being a basis of the unique synthetic rubber. Boryshev Plastic Rus builds up production of plastic parts for cars’ interiors for Volkswagen concern.

A bit earlier, in August 2012, an agreement on conjoint actions on residents’ involvement was signed between IP Oka-Polymer and Volga-Vyatka Bank of Sberbank. Sberbank is ready to afford special conditions on IP projects’ financing and advertise IP services among the bank clients.

 - land plots of industrial destination;
 - necessary legal support;
 - all conditions for rapid launch of production;
 - existing site development and building possibilities;
 - developed engineering infrastructure;
 - various maintenance services.


Table 1. Resources of IP Oka-Polymer



Electrical energy

280 MW



315 Gcal/hr

heating water

50 Gcal/hr

Potable water

250 m3/hr

Process water

25000 m3/hr

Waste water


12500 m3/hr


12500 m3/hr


17000 m3/hr


railway station Promyshlennaya

200 vans/day

roads with hard surface

29 km

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