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Molds for casting fittings  #1-2(119-120), 2013

Huida Plastic Mould specializes in design, manufacturing and supply of molds for casting a variety of fittings: water, sewer, drainage, electric-welded, for gas supply systems, ventilation networks, plastic wells, corrugated pipes, as well as various bends, bellings, muff couplings

The molds of Huida Plastic Mould are used in production of articles ranging from 16 to 1200 mm in size and made of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, ABS and other polymeric materials. Besides the tooling for casting a variety of standard fittings the company offers (and takes orders on) molds for non-standard products.

Production area of Huida Plastic Mould makes up 16 thousand m2. The company’s equipment stock comprises CNC machining centers, boring, milling, drilling machines, electroerosion and electrospark discharge machines, etc. – i.e. all the necessary equipment and tooling. The experienced engineering staff in R&D department uses in design of product molds the advanced SW systems - AutoCAD, Cimatron, UG, PRO/E, Solidworks, Catia, etc. For tooling manufacturing only high-grade steel is used; all production stages are strictly controlled to ensure reliability of finished products.

Scrupulous attention the company’s experts pay to every stage of the mold design, trying to meet the customer’s desires to utmost extent. Due to continuous implementation of innovative solutions, advanced technological researches and engineering designs, competitive price – the molds of Huida Plastic Mould are in demand of fittings manufacturers worldwide.

It is affirmed by the voluminous company’s client base, comprising companies from more than 60 countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Australia. A well-developed system of after-sale service is also working on the image of the company.

Huida Plastic Mould assists its customers in acquisition of various equipment in China, including injection molding machines, extrusion sets and other machinery. The company is also a supplier of unplasticized PVC, offers services on the molds adjustment, provide consulting on technological issues.

An important step in development of Huida Plastic Mould became the opening in Jiangsu of the company’s branch, dealing with production of the decorative plastic siding – a modern material for external and interior finish of premises and buildings, that combines aesthetics, ecological sustainability, safety and low cost. Facade siding is easy to mount and does not require special care. With minimum expenses and in the shortest time it becomes possible to create a unique appearance of the building exterior or interior – applying such decorative panels. Plastic siding from Huida Plastic Mould is of great demand in Russia and Ukraine. The company also produces and sells tooling for casting of siding.

 “We are committed to continuous improvements of the molds we produce, - says the company’s CEO Panz Zhang. - Since the quality of products - is the life of the company. Let me name or remind you our motto – “Taping market by quality, servicing customers by credit.”

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