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New partners, new goals  #3(121), 2013

At Interplastica-2013 the company REP Materials and Technologies Ltd., a subsidiary of REP International, is the first time participating in its new quality. About the company, the impressions and the results obtained at the exhibition, Plastics talks to the company’s GM Dmitry Vasilyev

 - With what did your company come to exhibition?
 - Our company was formed by merger of the two business activities – sales of equipment and sales of special raw materials for manufacturing of industrial rubber goods. At Interplastica-2013 we demonstrate production of our new partners – manufactures of equipment.

 - What could the visitors as your potential partners see at the company’s booths?
 - The equipment we are dealing with now includes REP injection molding machines, TungYu presses for direct compression, molds’ ultrasonic cleaning systems from FISA. Raw materials that we supply are the special rubbers from Zeon, rubber compounds from MarconiGomma and various ingredients of rubber compounds’ formulations, starting from vulcanizing agents, including organic peroxides, and finishing with processing aids. Apart from these, our company is also engaged in after-sales service of the sold equipment. For this purpose we have created a division that to date has almost completely taken upon itself all the functions which were recently fulfilled by engineers of REP – installation and commissioning of new equipment, preventative maintenance, emergency repairs of already installed equipment and supply of spare parts.

 - Which of the companies represented at the show, are at the forefront of your market segment?
 - I would not mark out a sales leader in our product range. Practically in all areas of concern we see the growing interest of our customers - manufacturers and processors of rubber compounds. The demand for high-performance high-grade equipment and raw materials with a set of asked-for, often unique characteristics is a key factor in the growth of our market.

 - What’s the main market outlet for your company – Russia?
 - Yes, today our company is mainly working on the Russian market. Office is located in Moscow, warehouses - in the Moscow region. However, we are also working with our customers in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We are regular participants of Interplastica and Tires, Industrial rubber articles, Rubbers trade shows, participate in specialized conferences, periodically conduct our own seminars and workshops. The great help on our way ahead render the name and reputation of our parent organization with centenarian history – the company REP International, which has been specializing for already 40 years solely in production of injection molding machines for rubbers. The IMMs of REP were supplied in large lots yet in the Soviet Union, hence virtually any professional working in the sphere of industrial rubber articles knows this brand.

 - What novelties have presented your companies-partners?
 - These are the lines of ultrasonic cleaning from FISA and presses for direct compression from TungYu. Both companies are well-known in the world, both have over 30 years of experience. And the equipment of both companies is being successfully used by the world leading manufacturers of industrial rubber articles.

 - How useful became the exhibition for your company?
 - At Interplastica, which is mainly focused on equipment for plastics processing, we still traditionally find also processors of rubber. The basic interest – machines. In 2013 the machine hits became the lines for cleaning molds from FISA. This, to my mind, indicates the understanding of either processor (of plastics or rubber) in invention of efficient nonabrasive cleaning technique of molds and tooling. In a whole, our participation in the exhibition we consider as successful.

Interviewed by Alexey Djakov

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