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Bright world of packaging  #5 (39), 2006

Bright world of packaging

Today, when Russian industrial development gains tempo, packaging sector is expanding particularly rapidly.

Packaging is an essential component of successful sales. In this sphere plastic is replacing traditional materials like paper and paperboard. And, just like paper and paperboard, plastic becomes especially attractive when its color is original and eye-pleasing.

Founded in 1973, Repi (Italy) has for a long time been specializing in making colorants for plastics. It has gradually developed its activity all over the world. From the very beginning Repi offered liquid colorants for plastics. In the 70s this technology was absolutely new and few colorants producers could offer it. Today liquid coloring technology is generally acknowledged as an optimal technology for most plastics coloring. Backed up with 30-year experience, Repi is a leader in this sector. In 1998 the company was certified according to ISO 9001.

Whether drinking soda water from a PET bottle or enjoying yoghurt from a pallet or ice-cream from a polystyrene tub; dressing your salad with mayonnaise from a polyethylene packet or store your food in a fridge using polypropylene containers; eating fast food dinner from a rigid PVC box when traveling by train or by air; giving a hand cream in a nice PET jar as a present or packing a perfume in a specially designed PP box – we see plastics everywhere, every day, and they definitely obtain better visual characteristics when they are colored.

Repi offers complete plastics coloring technology including liquid colorant, a dosing unit and technical assistance in choosing a colorant and applying it in manufacture. What is all this? Liquid colorant is a powder coloring agent, solved in a liquid medium suitable for a certain plastic and certain manufacture process. The latter can be injection molding, blow extrusion, sheet or profile extrusion. It is used for making PET preforms, polyethylene bottles and containers, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC, ABS sheets and profiles and other. Liquid colorant has some advantages like:

  • more homogeneous coloring due to better colorant distribution in polymer pellets;
  • quick colorant change due to the colorant being added right before passing to the screw and due to the colorant state;
  • lower added colorant volume compared with dry colorants;
  • in the final account, more economy in coloring.
U2005 Batcher

To deliver the colorant into a machine Repi offers a special dosing unit. The company has designed and improved a device that allows achieving precision and homogeneity in colorant dosing. At the head Repi plant situated in the North of Italy, not far from Milan, there is a laboratory that possesses most state-of-the-art equipment to measure shades of colors and to color any material the needed shade. Besides Boy injection molding machines, there is a monostage machine from Automa for making preforms and blowing PET bottles; Oima injection molding machine for making thermoplastic polyurethane goods and other equipment. So, Repi offers its clients an opportunity to test new colorants at manufacturing equipment in real manufacturing conditions. This helps a client to save time as he avoids stopping his own manufacture to test new colorants. In some cases liquid colorant can give another important advantage: having several basic colors you can get any shade from PAL or Pantone scale following Repi’s instructions. This saves time and money as you can have only the basic colorants available in store. In spite of the fact that liquid plastics coloring technology exists for quite a long time, it can sometimes seem unknown or too complicated. However, there’s nothing of the kind – the colorant is delivered into the molding machine or into the extruder with the help of an easy-in-use and reliable dosing unit. Moreover, Repi offers its clients help in mastering working with the dosing unit and colorant, provided by the company’s technical department engineers.

In January, 2006 Repi office appeared in Moscow, Russia. Its aim is quick and reliable service in packaging sector that is open to the new technologies and interested in applying it in manufacture and thus deserves attention.

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