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Mold-makers will discuss competitiveness problems  #4 (50), 2007

The independent constituent of RosMould exhibition taking place on June, 13-15, in Moscow Crocus-Expo, as organizers planned, are "instrument summits" - they are reports, discussions, business meetings of leading Russian and foreign specialists involved in the industry or participants of other productions for the benefit of the industry

In 2006 the topic of the 2nd Instrument summit (over 150 participants from 20 Russian regions took part in it, 28 reports were presented by specialists from Russia, Byelorussia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Finland) was "Independent problems of design and technology, innovations development, forming tooling design, production and maintenance experience".
In 2007 the large-scale summit on a vital topic of "Problems of Russian forming tooling market competitiveness and its integration to economic system" is expected. These are the basic sections of the summit and headlines of some reports to highlight the above-mentioned topic.
1. Present intensive technologies of forming tooling design, production and maintenance:
— modern problems of Russian machine-building;
— innovation software for molds and wares design, production and maintenance;
— actual problems of Russian middle-scale enterprises.
2. Design and forming tooling production. Materials. Innovation technologies:
— experience of large-scale molds and dies design and production;
— choice of steel for molds and dies for plastic wares production;
— application of the latest milling and electrical-discharge equipment for technological tooling production;
— new technologies of forming tooling surface finishing for obtaining decorative plastic wares surfaces;
— equipment and instrument for molds and dies polishing, finishing and repairing.
3. Modeling, prototyping, new constructions of forming tooling of various technological purpose:
— innovation developments in modeling and prototyping for plastic wares production;
— peculiarities of large-scale tooling design and production for glass-fiber plastic panels manufacture;
— modern composites on the basis of liquid thermosetting coupling substances of universal and special purpose;
— calculation of forming tooling sizes in profile extrusion.
4. Hot-runner and thermostating molds systems:
— choice and practice of hot-runner systems application for thermoplastics injection molding;
— molds thermostating.
Mold-makers will discuss competitiveness problems5. Robots and devices for forming tooling effective operation:
— application of robots in molds operation;
— magnetic devices applied for mounting and operation of forming tooling at metal-work machines;
— plate-measuring equipment for precision control of forming tooling parts.
6. problems of specialized professional training.
The plans also include a discussion of professors, Doctor of Sciences Yu.V. Kazankov, E.L. Kalinchev, L.B. Kandyrin, M.A. Sheryshev, P.P. Serebrenitsky, a famous designer-engineer A.P. Panteleev. The chairman of the program committee of the summit is Doctor of Technical Sciences V.A. Braginsky, the members of the committee are A.A. Yagubtsov (general manager of JSC Zavod Progress), V.G. Duvidzon (general engineer of AB Universal). The participation in the summit is free. One just needs a beforehand registration at There you can also find a complete program of the event.

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