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Kraiburg TPE compounds: technological and esthetical  #9 (55), 2007

Kraiburg TPEAcknowledged specialist in the sphere of thermoplastic elastomers production – Kraiburg TPE Company presents its latest development – transparent adhesive compounds

New opportunities…
Kraiburg TPE transparent adhesive compounds have a unique set of characteristics. In addition to standards properties typical for thermoplastic elastomers, including the so called “soft touch” (velvet like surface pleasant to the touch), the new material possess unusually high degree of transparency. It can be colored any shade and can be enhanced with metallic effects without detracting from its translucent properties. Having all necessary visual and tactile characteristics, packaging from new Kraiburg compounds enables an unhindered view of the underlying product. Kraiburg TPEMoreover, the new transparent adhesion compounds offer superior scratch and tear resistance and can also be printed.
Another advantage of these materials, based on hydrogenated styrene block copolymers, is exceptionally strong adhesion to materials based on PC and ABS.
Consequently Kraiburg TPE opens up entirely new options for manufacturers and product designers, letting them set themselves apart from others through highly individual and innovative designs.
Today companies working with thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) in various branches of industry – from consumer goods and packaging production to electrical and automotive industries – have already realized all benefits from properties peculiar for the new material.
- We want to point out new paths in final processing for soft-touch products, - explained Dr. Markus Beitzel, R&D Director at Kraiburg TPE. - And we are most happy to work with our customers in such diverse sectors as the automotive, industrial products, packaging, medical or consumer products industries to work out individual and innovative solutions and, with our new compounds, to enhance their final products optically, tactilely and functionally.

… for Russia and the world
Since 1984 Kraiburg TPE has developed and produced thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) based on hydrogenated styrene block copolymers (HSBC). Thanks to indvidualized solutions in customer-engineered TPE, a broad range of standard compounds (Thermolast®) for an even broader range of applications and a varied spectrum of services such as design and production consulting or logistics support (JIT delivery), the company has advanced to become one of the world’s foremost suppliers. The firm maintains sales offices in UK, France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia and Hong Kong and production sites in the USA and Germany. Kraiburg TPE employs a total staff of more than 300.
For some time now the company has directed greater attention to Russia and the CIS nations, too.
- The economic area represented by the Russian Federation is growing rapidly, - says Andreas Wagner, the manager responsible for developing the eastern European markets. - Here, too, we seek to support out clients with our innovative products and our expertise. The K-2007 show in Duesseldorf is an ideal vehicle for presenting our comprehensive range of products and services to the up-and-coming plastics processing industry in Russia.

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