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TNK oils: optimal for injection molding machines  #9 (55), 2007

Advancement of production efficiency and reduction of wear-out of responsible hydraulic units – these are the tasks the new range of special hydraulic TNK oils were supposed to solve. And as the experience showed they succeeded in it

It’s better without zinc!
TNK oils: optimal for injection molding machinesHydraulic systems are rapidly penetrating in various spheres of our life: commercial transport, off-road and special purpose equipment, construction and almost all branches of industry. At the present moment the following hydraulic drives advancement tendencies can be distinguished:
- reducing the drive mass by using lighter metals and melts without detrimental effect on drive power;
- reducing working clearance between working unit parts (hydraulic system outlet and receiving cavities): mechanisms are based on higher technologies, working pressure, power and speed grow higher as well.
These tendencies set specific requirements for hydraulic oils used in named mechanisms. But considering that modern hydraulic drives contain nonferrous metal elements and gaps between the mated parts hydraulic oils should possess two more important characteristics to make them run consistently:
- be neural to materials they contact with for a long time (diverse steel, aluminum, bronze and some other nonferrous metals brands);
- meet requirements presently set to hydraulic oils filtration purity, especially in case of occasional water insertions in hydraulic fluid.
Hydraulic oils made by conventional technology ensure friction surface protection by zinc-based anti-wear additive and do not always meet the named conditions. Zinc dithiophosphates are not stable when water interferes with hydraulic fluid and at high temperatures; moreover, scavenge oil emits zinc and pollutes atmosphere at combustion. That is why oils made by a newer technology without using zinc-containing anti-wear additives become more and more popular nowadays. These products are often called “zinc-free”.

Professional choice
Being the leader in oil production technologies at the Russian market, TNK introduced a new TNK Gidravlik ZF zinc-free oils series two years ago. These oils are made according to the very state-of-the-art technologies from deep selective treatment mineral oils with special set of imported additives, also used by leading oil producers.
This ash-free set contains no metals but amine salts and thiphosphoric acid esters. Besides outstanding wear resistance, it ensures neutrality to chemicals and notably increases antioxygenic, anticorrosion and anti-wear properties.
TNK Gidravlik ZF oils are characterized by perfect filterability and meet DIN 51524 requirements (part II, HLP). Oils with the described anti-wear additives set also meet the following standards: Denison HF-0, 1, 2; Vickers I-286-S; Bosh Rextroth RE90 220; GM LS2.
At the moment TNK Gidravlik ZF are widely used for modern equipment. This product is spoken highly of by companies replacing expensive imported oils by it.
TNK Gidravlik ZF demonstrate its advantages at full when used for injection molding machines working at high temperatures, cyclic loads, round-the-clock operation, with small oil tank volume, when operation without breakdowns is strongly required. That is why some injection molding machines producers recommend only zinc-free hydraulic oils. In 2006 TNK Gidravlik ZF oil was tested and approved for Demag injection molding machines.

Table 1. TNK industrial oils

Hydraulic oils

TNK Gidravlik HVLP (ISO VG 32, 46).
Hydraulic oil meeting DIN 51524, part III (HVLP) standard. Application: all-season operation as a hydraulic fluid in hydraulic drive and hydraulic machinery control systems for machines working at open air at temperatures from -40o to + 90o C.
TNK Gidravlik ZF (ISO VG 32, 46, 68) – highly moisture stable zinc-free oil. Application: high-loaded hydraulic machinery systems. Meets DIN 51524, part II (HLP) and Bosh Rexroth, Engel, Arburg and Battenfeld standards. At the moment is demonstrating good results in plastic parts production at AVTOVAZ.
TNK Gidravlik HLP (ISO VG 32, 46, 68, 100) – meets DIN 51524 part II (HLP) standard. Application: hydraulic machinery systems operated under hard mechanic and thermal conditions, equipped with servohydraulic units, proportional regulation systems and filtering elements with filtration fineness of 10-15 ?m (filtration class is higher than 10 class according to State Standard 17216).

Compressor oils

TNK Kompressor VDL – compressor oil fully corresponding to DIN 51506, VDL category standard. Application: designed for various compressors when high caking and sediment formation resistance and good antioxygenic ability are required.
TNK Sinthez Gaz 32 (ISO VG 32) - Application: centrifugal compression machines circulation lubrication systems at chemical manufactures like ammonia, sulphuric, adipine and other acids production, where oils should demonstrate advanced antioxygenic properties, longer life time and better sediment formation resistance. Made of basic mineral oils hydrofined in two stages and highly efficient imported additives, improving antioxygenic and anticorrosion properties and demulsifying ability. Used in compressor systems for bearing, hydraulic control systems sockets lubrication and for compressors capsulation.
TNK Turbokompressor Kp-8s. Is used instead of Kp-8c for centrifugal and screw compressors lubrication. The oil formulation and technical conditions are designed by All-Russian Science and Research Institute for Petrochemical Industry. Made of basic oil hydrofined in two stages and antioxygenic and anticorrosion additives. Recommended for turbosets and highly-loaded reducing drive units (multipliers) lubrication at chemical, petrochemical and other productions.

Oils for tie-bars

TNK MNS – oil specially created for sliding bars lubrication and for metal-cutting equipment rolling motion, for various special purpose machines to ensure smooth motion at slow speed, and installation motion precision for tables, supports, sliders, mandrels, columns and other units. Meets Cincinnati Milacron and Shmidt.

Reducing gear oils

TNK Reduktor CLP (ISO VG 100, 150, 220, 320, 460, 680) – oil for gear-boxes, equal by its properties to state-of-the-art imported CLP class hydraulic oils. Application: used in modern domestic and imported machines gearing, working at medium and heavy loads, including impact, and also in circulation mechanisms working at high load.

Lubricating and cooling process liquids

TNK Universal - Lubricating and cooling liquids. Emulsol concentrates, made of petrol basis, imported additives set and biocide additives. Application: ferrous and nonferrous metals processing. Applied as water based emulsions with concentrate percentage 3-8%. Lubricating and cooling process liquids are supplied as two brands – “TNK Universal” and “TNK Universal EP”. The first one is recommended for blade cutting carbon and structural steels or for relatively lighter treatment. TNK Universal EP contains extreme-pressure additive reducing cutting instrument wear and it’s recommended for alloy metals processing or for more difficult cutting conditions.


TNK EP2 (2nd class according to NLGI) – multifunctional lubricant based on lithium viscosity builder. Application: industrial equipment units and mechanisms, working at medium and heavy loads at temperatures from -30oC to +120oC. Contains EP and anti-wear additives.
TNK Komplex ER2 (2nd class according to NLGI) – multifunctional lubricant based on complex viscosity builder. Application: industrial equipment and vehicles units and mechanisms, operated at medium loads and at temperature from -40oC to +150oC (up to +170oC for short time interval).
TNK Tempo ER1 (1st class according to NLGI) – high-temperature flexible lubricant with high bearing strength for drying units bearings, operated at temperature range -40oC - +350oC.

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