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Kaustik: new materials with new properties  #10 (56), 2007

KaustikKaustik (Sterlitamak), a company occupying leading positions in the Russian chemicals market, expands brand range and introduces its products at the largest International showcases

Expanding brand range
At the moment JSC Kaustik is involved in basic production facilities reconstruction (vinyl chloride – polyvinyl chloride, caustic soda, chlormethyl exirane and some other) via realizing investment program.
The aim of modernization lies not only in raising VC-PVC production capacities to 200 thousand tons a year, but also in expanding brand range with PVC and soft cable compounds (today the factory manufactures seven PVC resin brands and five soft cable compound brands).
Scientific research held by Kaustik resulted in developing new heatproof PVC compounds. Presently they are being tested before mass release.
Also some research for developing high impact PVC for water, central heating, and sewage systems applications is being held. Thus, C-6669 ПЖ PVC brand has already found its consumers in rigid profiles, pressure pipes and other items for civil construction industry producers.
The market of PVC for food applications still remains unsaturated, however, and these PVC brands are also in focus of Kaustik specialists. They have developed С-5868 ПЖ PVC resin for food and consumers goods packaging film and plastic containers. The named brand test lot was already highly appreciated by consumers.
In May 2007, test lots of ИТ-105 and ИТ-105 БС heatproof compounds were manufactured. The latter brand was made on lead-free stabilizers basis.
Specialists from JSC Ufimcable, the company providing its production facilities for industrial product tests, gave their expert evaluation, coming to a conclusion that the named brands can be used for making high-voltage cables. The cable sheath made of this soft PVC compound can sustain temperature range within +105?C to -30?C without losing in wear-resistance characteristics.
In developing new formulae specialists take advantage of fire-retardant and smoke suppressing agents for original metal compounds and also replacing lead-containing stabilizers by more ecology safe.

Showcases, a drive for development
Kaustik JSC demonstrates its production at an Plastics Industry Show, an International thematic exposition in Expocenter, for the seventh time.
Judging by 2006 year statistics, having fixed that 226 companies from 18 countries took part in the previous show, it’s quite feasible to expect no less participants amount this year. Among them will be found Kaustik’s partners and customers, so it’s quite natural that meeting them at the show will help get orders for Kaustik products for the nearest future.
In October the company form Sterlitamak will take part as an exponent in K fair in Duesseldorf for the first time. It goes without saying that this event is immensely important for the company to analyze situations in European and world polymer goods markets and perspectives for developing basic polymers market.
It will not be an exaggeration to say that taking part in these events will give an opportunity to estimate present situation and perspectives for PVC additives production and PVC processing into soft compounds, and also to evaluate the company’s potential to arrange special chemicals export, and finally, to find new suppliers and negotiate with potential partners.

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