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Mobile version

Mobile version

Plastiks goes portable!

Starting from August 2013 Plastiks Magazine’s subscribers get access to issues for Android and  iOS (iPad) tablets.

Portable version advancements:

All back issues within a click
Convenient navigation and easy information access
Active links to primary sources of information with maps, photo galleries, videos and article packages about various brands

In order to get access to the portable version you just need to

1. Visit AppStore or Play Market.

2. Type «Plastiks» in the search box. Please note, Android 4.0 or higher versions support our application.
Direct links:

for iTunes -
for PlayMarket -

3. To activate the password, press the menu button in the top right corner 4. Choose the "Enter" control in the following menu 5. In the fields enter your E-mail and the acquired password.

6. Сlick the “Download” button.

Plastiks №6 (June) and №7 (July) of 2013are trial and free to download.
The access to Plastiks №8 (August) will require a password. Magazine’s subscribers for 2013 get their passwords for September to December automatically. 2014 subscribers get their passwords right after the subscription invoice payment.

Subscribers of subscription agencies
in order to get free access to portable version in 2013 they may address your request to Editors Office individually
they will get a loose-leaf with a free password in Plastiks №1-2 of 2014. The password is effective for February and March issues.
in order to get access to portable version from March to June they may register a commercial access for the second quarter by addressing their request to the Subscription Department

Subscription Department of Plastiks Magazine
Tel. 7 (846) 276-40-33

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"ПЛАСТИКС" стал мобильнее

Уважаемые посетители сайта "Пластикс"

С июня 2013 года для пользователей планшетных компьютеров на Android и iOS доступно мобильное приложение (инструкция здесь).

Вы можете бесплатно ознакомиться с одним из номеров журнала (№6, 2015) через мобильное приложение.