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Bruckner at Interplastica 2011


At Interplastica 2011 Bruckner presents modern, highly efficient and flexible film production lines – made in Germany.

Bruckner`s BOPP lines meet the demand for innovative products in large and small lots: Working widths from 4 m up to 10 m, outputs from 900 kg/h up to 7,000 kg/hour and production speeds up to 525 m/min mark the highest flexibility within the film stretching line industry.
Bruckner also offers custom-made solutions in tune with the latest developments such as transparent BOPP high barrier films, density reduced label films and metalized ultra high barrier BOPP films.
For a highly efficient production of thin flexible BOPET packaging film or industrial film grades up to 400 µm Bruckner presents a wide range of lines, comprising various working width and outputs: 3.4 m – 5.8 m – 6.7 m – 8.2 m – 8.7 m. Technological highlight: the unique multi-gap stretching for high uptime and output, optimal stability and films with improved properties.
Bruckner proudly presents the new industry standard for CPP machinery, with a net film width of 6.2 m and a name plate capacity of 16.000 tons per year. Such large scale production leads to perfect productivity when it comes to commodity films. Cast Polypropylene film (CPP), as a result of its excellent optical and mechanical properties, has evolved an important commodity packaging film.

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