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VW application wins Engel HL gold award


The plastics division at Volkswagen’s headquarters facility in Wolfsburg, Germany, has won Engel’s HL Award 2012 for innovative applications that use the injection moulding machinery group’s tiebar-less technology. A moulding machine without tiebars allows a larger mould to be used than other machines with the same footprint.
The VW division won the gold award for the production of components for fuel filler door modules for the Golf, Golf Estate and Golf Plus models. Engel said the large moulds utilize the whole of the mould fixing platens’ surfaces and even protrude beyond them at the sides. In addition, the large grippers on the handling robot can reach into the mould space without interference. The production cell has a minimal footprint and free access for the robots reduces the cycle time.
In the production cell VW uses two Engel tiebar-less injection moulding machines – a victory 750/400 tech and a victory 1050/400 tech – plus two Kuka KR 60 mulpiple-axis robots. To produce the inserts for the fuel filler doors, first the base body made of 30% glass fibre reinforced PP is injected. The second machine then adds an EPDM seal.
In the HL Awards, silver was given to injection moulder OCSA, based in Creazzo, Italy, for moulding of coffee capsules for espresso machines by illycaffè. Bronze went to Anton, based in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, which is using tiebar-less technology to position four injection units on a mahine with 400 tonnes clamping force, while at the same time combining multiple-component injection moulding with insert-placing technology.

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